Why Royal Opera House was the perfect venue to host EDIDA 2016

DEC 20, 2016 | By Abha Narain Lambah
Taking you down memory lane, the 100 year old theatre Royal Opera House was once home to iconic Bollywood releases and music performances opened its doors once again. In 2016, after it was newly restored by Mumbai based ANLA, the space served as the venue to host EDIDA 2016 ceremony.
Here are seven lesser known facts about the recently renovated space:
1. Marble statues adorn the entrance lobby. The Italian carrara marble on the floor and paintings inside the dome restored by art conservators Anupam Sah and Mani Kandan, transport you back in time. The ceiling lights that were once referred to as “illuminators”, were revived by a team of experts under the watchful eye of restorer Mani Kandan and Abha Narain Lambah Associates (ANLA).
2. The original Box Office is recreated. On the ground floor near the entrance, this old style counter will now be fully functional, offering an authentic experience of having walked into a theatre of yore.
3. The side balconies retain its historic design. These space were once dismantled and boarded up but today they have been carefully restored.
4. The royal boxes give a glimpse of the original baroque detailing. The ornate door handle was specially designed by ANLA.
5. The 574 seater auditorium’s ceiling was originally conceptualised on the principle of a gramophone horn with a long sounding board high up over the stage. The ceiling has been recreated in decorative plaster to the historic design based on archival images. The royal boxes have been restored for special guests.
6. The first floor reveals original Minton tiles and a stately Victorian velvet upholstered conversation seat sourced from the royal Gondal Palace.
7. The acoustics of the space were carefully calibrated for a performance theatre and opera by acoustic designer Rahul Jhaveri. Internationally renowned expert acoustician Richard Nowell guided the team through the process. The air conditioning vents were skillfully placed on the ceiling while the large stained glass windows were carefully revived by Swati Chandgadkar, an expert restorer.
Where: Mathew Rd, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai 04
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