Whispering hues amidst timeless views: Art and history converge at Ambrai in Udaipur imagined by Noorein Kapoor

DEC 18, 2023 | By Maheshwari Vickyraj
Arched windows frame the serene lake and its surroundings, providing a peaceful and contemplative pause; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar
Archways divides the restaurant into three sections and massive openings bring in abundant natural light; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar

Nestled beside the enchanting waters of Lake Pichola and bordered by the grandeur of majestic palaces, the verdant embrace of luxuriant gardens, and the stoic backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, Noorein Kapoor, embarked on a quest to pay respect to a history steeped in opulence.

A culmination of traditional architecture using modern techniques, Ambrai in Udaipur frames views of some of the greatest landscapes in India. The lime plaster is by Supersurfaces alongside decor by The House of Things; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar

Channelling architectural elements and design motifs, she breathed life into the magnificence of yore with the re-magined restaurant at Ambrai. It became a canvas to interlace the creative energies with the venerable craft communities, breathing life into time-honoured traditions.

Locally designed furnishings and lighting by Parashar hark back to the grand palaces of Rajasthan; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar


LEFT The decor by the House of Things underlines the decor; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar

“Our design philosophy is unfurled as a dance between the traditional and the contemporary, guided by a symphony of principles,” she elaborates. For those seeking a more private communion, “we sculpted semi-private jharokhas, designed to cradle couples and groups within their secluded embrace, the very embodiment of intimacy,” elucidates Noorein.

In the bronze-finished bar area, Magalogue’s rippling stainless steel ceiling is quite the crowning glory, intermingling with the mettalic finishes and the grand chandelier; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar

With ceiling space at a premium, draping it with dhurries imbued the space with an air of distinctive grandeur. Paying homage to Udaipur’s local artistry unfurled in a vivid tapestry by using thapai, mother of pearl inlay, ornate brass mirrors, intricate dhurrie patterns, pichwai narratives, and the masterful touch of marble carving, she painted a portrait of heritage, resplendent with the soul of Udaipur.

Mother of pearl inlay by Mohini Arts and the Pichwai Painting by The House of Things adorn the walls; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar


The furniture pieces are made primarily in wood, cane, iron and marble which are locally sourced; Photography by Kirtiraj Suthar

Ambrai thus stands as a testament to the delicate interplay, where craft and design find harmony, inviting patrons to partake in an unforgettable journey. It’s a homage that paves the way for posterity, where every stroke of her design leaves an indelible mark on the heart of this captivating locale.

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