Welcome to the mother of all workspaces: The Jane Club in California

APR 4, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
Long, library- inspired tables and a comfortable bench-seating for the Janes in The Study Hall; Photographs by Jess Isaac
The fireplace is the focal point of the main seating room and features a pair of Cisco Home sofas and a blonde burl wood coffee table. Anna Ullman’s painting adds a dash of colour to the neutral palette; Photographs by Jess Isaac
The giant paper lantern in The Nest adds drama to the nursery space; Photographs by Jess Isaac
The outdoor seating area right off the study hall and a dining area is perfect for al fresco entertaining; Photographs by Jess Isaac
The Garden in The Jane Club; Photographs by Jess Isaac
Are you a Jane? If your answer is no, a peek into this gorgeous space may compel you to think otherwise. To find the right balance between work and home, California based Erin Fetherston transformed a 2,300 sq ft cottage into a coworking space in Los Angeles that provides a unique support system for mothers juggling their busy careers and domestic lives. If you think living a #MomLife is easy? Think again. “As young mothers, we wanted to rewrite the rules based on our own experience of work and motherhood and create a space in which we could do both successfully,” says June Diane Raphael, mom and cofounder of The Jane Club. June along with cofounder, Jess Zaino executed that moral calling into this gorgeous co-working space.
Step inside and you will be mesmerised by the gorgeous interiors including library-inspired tables, minimalistic paintings by emerging female artists and a playful nursery. “I used light and neutral colours to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, infusing colour through plants, flowers, and artwork,” says Erin. The Janes ( a term that women here are fondly addressed as) can head to The Study Hall, where they are invited to work with fellow Janes at the long library-inspired communal table while kids retreat to The Nest, a playroom for children. The giant paper lanterns playfully tied together with Anne Selke rainbow rugs ties captures our interest. To keep the outdoor entertaining as well—what was once a rugged, crusty driveway has transformed into a lively outdoor playground for children using AstroTurf. If a long day of work has the Janes beat, they may avail on-demand manicures at the salon and even find peaceful recluse at the Quiet Room with meditation sessions and blissful solitude. We are feeling empowered already!
A floor mirror in The Think Tank room is used to amplify natural light; Photographs by Jess Isaac


Light and neutral colours, with a hint of greenery create a soothing atmosphere; Photographs by Jess Isaac


Thea Smolinksi and Aryn Drake have curated art for the space as part of the Jane Club’s mission to support emerging women artists; Photographs by Jess Isaac


The Power Jane office features a fiddle leaf tree; Photographs by Jess Isaac


What was originally the house’s driveway has been converted into an outdoor playground.  A Cedarworks play structure is the main attraction of the play yard; Photography by Jess Isaac