As the new year approaches, we present homes done up in a festive shade that truly ‘blue’ us away

DEC 23, 2019 | By Vedika Nair
Prateek Edifice by Amusing Interiors, where the hanging hoop chair in vivid blue textiles grabs eyeballs
The Architects Address by Mold Design Studio, where vibrantly coloured cabinetry is offset by a white backsplash in this sleek kitchen
Sea by Studio Padmini Pandey reflects a naval theme with a louvred window in azure and sandy walls

In our 19th anniversary special issue, we predicted Midnight Blue to be the favoured hue this Christmas… Plus, with Pantone’s announcement of the classic hue as the Color of the Year 2020, the familiar azure shade of azure is popping up in homescapes around the country. Here’s our roundup of our top finds in this mystical tint.

The Architects Address by Mold Design Studio
Crafted by Anika Mittal Dhawan of Mold Design Studio, this stunning blue kitchen is a part of a project christened the Architects Address. This contemporary culinary station is the classic blend of bright cabinets and a white backsplash. We love how the tone establishes a calming effect in this bright and airy space. Natural light floods in through the streamlined area that features a cross-ventilated space, minimal and functional storage options and a kitchen garden on the outside.

Sea by Studio Padmini Pandey
Sited in the breezy location of Mumbai’s Carter Road, Padmini Pandey designed the perfect getaway from the city bustle—a sea-facing holiday home. With sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, the designer uses blue tones as her inspiration for this abode. This cosy corner, carved around this louvred window, is painted in a captivating shade of midnight blue, making it the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

Prateek Edifice by Amusing Interiors
This luxury home in Greater Noida by Rohit Chaudhary of Amusing Interiors is spread across 2,070 sq ft. Lingering through the abode, we step into the master bedroom, which features blue upholstery against beige and gold panelling. The room also hosts a stunning hanging hoop chair in blue which makes it the best seat in the room.

Punit Punamiya’s home by ADND
Punit Punamiya’s home in Mumbai is crafted by architects Shobhan Kothari and Anand Menon of ADND with soft tones and a warm approach. The kitchen and dining areas are merged into one, and a visual punch is added by adding Anantaya’s royal blue velvet fabric upholstery on the chairs that are laid around the soft oak wood table. Under the soft lighting, the dining area exudes boutique vibes making it an elegant space in the home.

Punit Punamiya’s home by ADND, where rich blue velvet fabric chairs contrast their neutral setting