Wall Mark: All you need to know about Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new wallpapers for Nilaya by Asian Paints

OCT 11, 2015 | By Sneha Ullal Goel

Celebrated couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new line of wallpapers for Nilaya by Asian Paints, is proof of his own recent confession – that he loves designing “more for the home than clothes”.  The collection is further divided into five sub-lines: Jodhpur, Spice Route, Makhmal, Varanasi and India Baroque.
Each handcrafted piece is as exquisite as any of his embroidered and patterned couture lehengas – it highlights authentic craftsmanship with contemporary flair, painstaking attention to detail and pure respect for India’s vibrant ancient architecture, folklore and vintage textiles. With this range of art worthy surfaces in sublime prints and colours, Amit Syngle, President – Sales, Marketing and Technology, Asian Paints Ltd India along with the fashion icon, hope to make wallpapers more relatable to Indian audiences…to those who are increasingly aware of traditional handicrafts and techniques. Here they discuss why this jugalbandi was meant to be….
Birth of an important collaboration AS: Today wall surfaces feature mostly western patterns. We wanted to bring out a line that cherishes authentic local crafts with a modern outlook. The only person who we knew could achieve this, was Sabyasachi. We took him to the printing company in the UK, to familiarise him with the machinery and materials. This helped him visualise his designs and perfect nuances like the peeling gold zari effect in the pista Jamdani.
The people behind the wallpapers SM: My sister and I run the Sabyasachi Art Foundation, which encourages struggling artists to get back into what they were trained to do. While they spend a lot of their time working on their own craft, they also work on my projects, which I hunt for all over the world. This collection is their first assignment.
Personal favouritesSM: It has to be Jodhpur. I love indigo as a textile as well as a colour. It’s powerful, organic, quiet and arrogant, because if you see it’s also very difficult to dye indigo. I plan to have the walls of my next property covered with the sub-collection.
Next collection – furniture? SM: I’m still “interning”, but of course!
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