A new destination for design enthusiasts emerges within Vita Moderna’s innovative experience centre in Mumbai

JUN 19, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
The double-height ceiling is painted black in tandem with the luxe experience centre, lit ablaze by circular lighting fixtures by Delta Light; Photography by Prashant Bhatt
Industrial-chic meets elegant European-inspired design within the space, designed as a bare shell crafted to let the luxuriant curation shine; Photography by Prashant Bhatt
Elie Saab Maison’s new collection occupies pride of place within Vita Moderna’s experience centre; Photography by Prashant Bhatt
Visuals of the new Vita Moderna store, comprising design elements inspired by Milan’s Brera district; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Vita Moderna’s new experience centre in Raghuvanshi Mills Mumbai sprawls forth, foretelling a story of its own – of what lies inside and what it aspires to be. Once a mill languishing unused for almost a decade, the space is virtually unrecognisable today. Owing to the efforts of Open Atelier Mumbai, the raw, red-brick finish walls have been retained, followed by massive structural changes to preserve the space’s primary facade that stretches across 8,000 sq ft. Founded by Pritesh Modi and Akshay Adhalrao, the space marks a significant milestone in their journey to intertwine luxury with innovation.

Pritesh Modi and Akshay Adhalrao Vita Moderna
Pritesh Modi and Akshay Adhalrao, co-founders of Vita Moderna; Photograph courtesy Vita Moderna


Vita Moderna
The double-height ceiling, illuminated by Superloop lighting fixtures crafted by Delta Light, is a sight to behold; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

The striking double-height ceiling is further enhanced by gigantic lighting fixtures, created in partnership with the Belgian brand Delta Lights to furnish the store with the largest rendition of their Superloop lights to ever exist in the world. Fashioned in the form of giant, concentric circles that loop across each other, the fixtures hang across the ceiling at varying heights, reminiscent of an art installation. White European arches crown the windows. A black, glossy rock-like facade juts out of the walls, separating a lounge and conference room for visitors who wish to shortlist, discuss and incorporate decor solutions in tandem with their distinctive needs. 

Vita Moderna
The windows, crowned by white European arches, illuminate the store with ample daylight during the day; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

The expansive space draws inspiration from Milan’s Brera district, replete with contemporary shapes and structures. A labour of love, the store was designed from the ground up, pulled apart and pieced together to create a novel space imbued with character. 

Vita Moderna
A warm, welcoming glow emanates from within the experience centre, illuminating the novel decor and furniture on display within; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Pritesh Modi, one of the founding members of Vita Moderna, says, “When they (visitors) walk into the store, first of all — the store is passionately and very well designed with hints of Italian culture. Then we have a very well-curated selection of brands, very thoughtful, which will give every person who steps in multiple luxury and contemporary options to work with.” His conviction in the space shines through, as he beams, “It is a space ideal for everyone.” 

Vita Moderna
The experience centre features a stunning display of rich hues and textures, the store’s carefully curated interiors letting each one shine; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

However, the process was rife with challenges. What made them persevere through them all? Pritesh Modi, one of the founders of Vita Moderna, confesses to being enamoured by the double-height ceiling. He reminisces “We must have shortlisted more than 70 sites. I took up the challenge to take up the space, especially because of the height. The location is perfect because Raghuvanshi Mills has become a design district, it is a prominent location. It was a scrap, but then we have the designer who did a great job by converting the scrap into a complete miracle.” 

Vita Moderna
A wide array of luxurious decor and furniture brands await within the store, a versatile curation ideal for all; Photography by Prashant Bhatt


Vita Moderna
Each brand brings with itself a curated selection of products artfully arranged within the space; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Scattered across the store’s expanse in open, permeable sections, Italian brands like Elie Saab Maison, Vittoria Frigerio and Flexform offer several decadent decor and furnishing options to choose from. Peruse through wallpapers from the wide array of options made available by Glamora and Delta Light’s awe-inspiring lighting fixtures. Each piece radiates decadence, their craftsmanship shining through.

Vita Moderna
Elie Saab Maison’s new collection features an array of sumptuously crafted furniture, decor and fixtures, a highlight for any design enthusiast within the experience centre; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Elie Saab Maison has partnered with Vita Moderna, showcasing selections from their new collection within the store devised by EDIDA winner Carlo Colombo. The new collection features masterfully crafted pieces in a neutral colour palette, characterised by lush curves and a barely perceptible touch of whimsy.

Vita Moderna
Elie Saab Maison’s new collection, designed by Carlo Colombo, Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Carlo elucidates the thought process behind the collection, stating, “The new collection, the first idea was to work with the curve of the material, of the shape, of the details. The armchair, the bed, the new sofa, the cabinet, also iconic pieces like the Lobster.” Why name the piece Lobster, one may ask? “The name is Lobster because the shape of the armchair is like the lobster,” Carlo smiles.

Vita Moderna
Glimpses of what awaits within Vita Moderna’s new experience centre,
Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Expounding on what he thinks of the interiors, he gushes, “I like the two different styles — industrial and modern and fashionable at the same time. I think the architect did a great job and with the Elie Saab Maison furniture, I think it’s perfect. I hope that next year, the space will be a little bit bigger because I want to create more space for Elie Saab Maison.”

Vita Moderna
The double-height ceiling is painted black in tandem with the luxe experience centre, lit ablaze by circular lighting fixtures by Delta Light; Photography by Prashant Bhatt

Reminiscing on the journey preceding this milestone, Akshay muses, “It’s been a long journey of around 17-18 years and today where we have reached with this store — I think it’s wonderful. It’s a very inviting space that we wanted to create, wherein clients, designers and fraternity members feel very welcome once they are here, wherein they can experience the product at their own pace, the way they want it. That’s the whole objective behind the space.” Staying true to his vision, Vita Moderna’s new store brims with innovation, its versatile interiors and diverse curation a well-crafted catalyst for sparking inspiration within all who venture within. 

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