Visionnaire takes the sustainable route in its latest Greenery Revolution collection

JUL 7, 2017 | By Ayman Contractor
L-R: Legend living room designed by Fabio Bonfa;The Azimut chest of drawers designed by Steve Leung;Left: Grace armchair designed by Steve Leung.
Right: Wooden Barney low cabinet designed by Fabio Bonfa.
Visionnaire has introduced its new compilation of living and bedroom furniture from their Greenery Revolution collection. To ensure that its products have a low environmental impact, the brand researched on using innovative materials and craftsmanship. While the new Princess bedroom is designed by Hong Kong based creative Steve Leung, the Legend living room is spearheaded by the Italian designer Fabio Bonfa.
The wood used in this new collection is chosen from reforested plantation systems, with the trees being picked at the correct age of cutting and more being replanted. Feathers, hemp, cotton and wool are replaced by linen seed pads and birdseeds.The leather used in the furniture is treated using organic vegetable dyes absent of any chemical additives.
Visionnaire embraces these sustainable resources without forgetting its indispensable features of attention to detail and haute couture handcrafting. For anyone who wants to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, but doesn’t want to compromise on a luxurious feel, this furniture line is the perfect middle ground.
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