United Coffee House Rewind in Chandigarh is designed by Chromed Design Studio to be a chic venue with a vintage charm

SEP 8, 2020 | By Jhanvi Somaya
The entrance features an arch with a collection of smaller arches in it to display the venue's chic yet avant-garde spirit; Photographs by Dhruv DV
The private dining area features Baroque print in the vaulted ceiling that add to the opulence and grandeur; Photographs by Dhruv DV

An avant garde design sensibility paired with a strong passion for coffee, cocktails and cuisines have all contributed towards the making of United Coffee House (UCH) Rewind, an all-purpose venue in Chandigarh. 

Conceptualised by Chromed Design Studio, the space is modern, contemporary and trendy but with a decidedly vintage charm. It stands apart from its cafe contemporaries due to its restro-bar layout, which further enunciates a regal charm and diverse characteristics of both a cafe and a restaurant. 

In order to magnify the transition of a 75-year-old coffee house into a new and hip, modern restro-bar, the 2,750 sq ft space breaks away from the clichéd version of a regular coffee house. 

Colour blocking, boho-chic lighting and paintings on the wall complete the look of this coffee house; Photographs by Dhruv DV

“In the process of designing UCH Rewind, we aimed to achieve a radiating environment with a unique mix of classical styles. It is infused with a contemporary burst of colours that comes together like a rendezvous,” says Abhigyan Neogi, principal and founder of Chromed Design Studio.

The minimalist wood and cane furniture is offset by patterned floor tiles; Photographs by Dhruv DV

Right from the doorway, this resto-bar promises to enthrall visitors. A giant dome shaped entrance is constructed with glass cladding and brass lattice. It embodies arches and hints at the sheer grandeur of the space. 

This informal seating area features deep blue chairs and dim lighting against a brass patterned wall of arches; Photographs by Dhruv DV

Within, an unconventional seating area features boho-chic lighting, patterned flooring with colour blocked tiles and overpowering hints of blue. The holistic theme of the restaurant is realised through arches and domes of varying shapes and sizes in brass lattice. A Sabyasachi-inspired wallpaper adds to the vintage vibe insinuated by the arches and ties the space together. 

A patterned wall of mirrored brass gold arches segregates seating areas; Photographs by Dhruv DV

The main dining area is inspired from many divergent eras of architecture. Baroque print on the vaulted ceiling symbolises vintage luxury and eminence, while dramatic motifs enhance the gothic, stained-glass windows to generate a colossal effect on patrons.

An enormous candelabra chandelier lends a timeless appeal; Photographs by Dhruv DV

Our favourite element is the prodigious candelabra chandelier that emerges from the carefully curated ceiling to lend a timeless and ethnic appeal to the entire space. An ellipse-shaped glass as well as vinyl stickers with similar patterns as seen on the brass lattice are other key elements.

A circular light against Baroque print on the walls is the perfect mood lighting for the venue; Photographs by Dhruv DV

The booth-style seating is draped with heavy curtains in blended shades of orange. Above, ornate and embellished motifs decorate the curved ceiling. A bohemian pattern of arch-shaped mouldings is etched on the wall, which serves as a focal point of the restaurant. Seen near the bar is a pop of colour provided by an illuminated backdrop that encompasses a waffle slab in the shape of an arch. 

Detail of the classic-inspired seaters in United Coffee House Rewind; Photographs by Dhruv DV

We love that, throughout this venue, explicit details pay tribute to the history of architecture and effortlessly connect the past with the present.