UA Lab renders an architectural symphony with the seamless Gable House

JUL 5, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
Steel from TATA is seen in the façade; Photographs by Inclined Studio
The dining area features wooden influences with a muted grey palette; Photographs by Inclined Studio
A sofa chair from Pallazo Furniture is placed in this room paired with custom furniture and lights from Syska; Photographs by Inclined Studio

When a cul-de-sac often feels like a dead-end, UA Lab’s (Urban Architectural Collective) Krishnakant and Vipuja Parmar surprise us with an arresting abode, christened The Gable House. Tucked away in the corner of a dense urban residential neighbourhood, this 4,000 sq ft home in Bopal, Ahmedabad is a reflection of modern architecture.

Moulded in a delicate scissor truss made out of mild steel against a simple bold RCC tower, the structure displays contrasting elements and makes for an alluring façade that sits in an open green space.

What looks like a refined grey geometric structure against the backdrop of a soothing blue sky, is The Gable House, offering us a rich variety of spaces. Well integrated with each other, every corner of the home allows a different experience during any hour of the day, in every season.

Doused in natural light, this space is decorated with custom furniture and lights from Syska; Photographs by Inclined Studio

“From day one, the idea has been very clear. We wanted a house with very minimal materials and a rich experience of the inner space,” says Vipuja as she walks us through the cove. A low height gable roof and a narrow vertical double wall heighten the entrance.

A bold sofa from Pallazo Furniture complements the room’s muted hues and customised furniture, with lights from Syska; Photographs by Inclined Studio

A tactfully designed scissor truss with sleek mild steel members holds the roof above and the living space below. Interconnected spaces and volumes define the home’s layout making all the areas free-flowing within one another. 

Dining chairs from Pallazo Furniture are paired with a bespoke table in this room; Photographs by Inclined Studio

The formal living room and bedrooms are housed on the first level and hold the gable roof. Divided into two separate blocks the residential area features plastered and white walls, keeping in line with the minimal aesthetic. The garden and courtyard are seamless and add a pop of verdure against the home’s grey palette.

Wooden influences are paired with grey and white plastered walls along with sleek marble flooring; Photographs by Inclined Studio

Defining the living and dining room is a middle height double volume, sandwiched between two open spaces and provides ample cross ventilation. Natural light filters through the panoramic windows and illuminates the intricate wooden influences.

The magnificent facade of Gable House features shingles from Dura Seal AR; Photographs by Inclined Studio

“We developed a layout with open spaces running parallel to the indoor residential areas. This also allowed for maximum daylight and provided better cross-ventilation opportunities. We have provided a deep verandah and cavity walls to the southern façade of the building. The North courtyard acts as a cross-ventilation zone during the peak summer because of the breeze from southwest sides,” concludes Parmar.

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Windows made from Domal aluminium adds a rustic charm; Photographs by Inclined Studio


The avant-garde window offers us a peek into the muted dining area; Photographs by Inclined Studio


TATA steel is used in manufacturing the bold staircase, leading us to the upper level; Photographs by Inclined Studio


Glass from Saint Gobain is seen in this part of the home; Photographs by Inclined Studio