Twinkle Khanna talks about the Colours by Kohler India Palette and shares a few personal tidbits

JUL 28, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
Twinkle Khanna, Brand Ambassador, Kohler India
Peacock from the Colours by Kohler India Palette
Product range in Peacock from the Colours by Kohler India Palette
Thunder Grey from the Colours by Kohler India Palette
Truffle from the Colours by Kohler India Palette

Celebrity columnist, author and Kohler’s brand ambassador Twinkle Khanna talks about the mesmerising hues of the bathware giant’s Colours by Kohler India Palette. In a freewheeling chat, Khanna talks about some of her favourites hues from the collection that ranges from Peacock, Thunder Grey, Truffle, Matte Black and Henna as well as shares a few idiosyncrasies when it comes to the private sanctuaries for which these products are intended.

Tell us about your association with Kohler…
I’ve been associated with Kohler for over a decade as a designer. Last year, we launched Colours by Kohler India Palette, which was a wonderful experience… I ended up using a lot of those products. Their new faucet design Vive—a stunning creation based on ballet movements—is inspiring. I love the product because it’s got greater reach, so you don’t end up splashing water on your shoes. It goes right where it’s supposed to.

On a personal note, do you often look at your bathroom as a refuge?
I think, in the middle of this pandemic, that is what everyone is doing because they’re at home all the time. There are times where I run into my bathroom like everybody else and I take my laptop with me. Sometimes, I’m sitting and just working, which is very rare; I would say that that is really the lowest point that I’d ever get to (laughs). Other times, I’m just sitting there, daydreaming. I think it’s become the space to just be by yourself and showers have always been a place, where the best ideas do come but now it’s become almost mandatory to spend a little bit longer in the shower, with the tap off so you’re not wasting water but wallowing in… And I think that is something all of us are going through.

What’s your dream bathroom like?
You know it’s very strange but our experiences are significantly defined by our childhood. I spent many years in a boarding school. Among us 40 girls in the dorm, we had three toilets and as many bathing stalls. So, for me, I like having the toilet and shower in different cubicles because of my own experience. I find that aesthetically pleasing and even comforting in a way.

Which colour are you most drawn to from the Colours by Kohler India Palette?
I’m almost always wearing blue, it’s an important hue for me. So, yes, the Peacock one, for sure. I remember when Kohler launched the striking Morocco sink, I wanted to it immediately (and they were really kind enough to send it to me). I would say, yeah, other people have the blues but I love having the blue!

What, in your opinion, are three key features in bathroom design that you simply cannot do without?
I’m a very organised person. I like keeping everything I need in little baskets. I don’t like having products just lying around. It really helps having bathrooms that feel a bit like a spa, so I’ll have scented candles and lots of greens.

Any pet peeves?
I have only one—don’t bang on the door when I’m inside. You know I’m inside, why are you banging on the door? How is it going to help? Am I going to hurry up? That will just make me take longer. Don’t bang on my door. That’s it.

Lastly, what do you think a post COVID-19 bathroom will look like, specifically in places with high footfalls?
It’s very difficult to say. We don’t know if we are going to have a vaccine. If we do, then it’ll all go back to normal. If we don’t, we will probably need bathrooms where each cubicle is inoculated in a manner and also sanitised while you’re in it. Technology and sciences will play a significant role in making that happen. We’ll just have to wait and watch.