Turri turns 90: 10 interesting facts of the Italian fine furniture brand

JAN 6, 2016 | By Risha Merchant

It was always the dream of Pietro Turri, to form a firm, which would leave an indelible mark in less than half a century. Turning 90 this year, Turri has accomplished a fitting status for being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elite furniture. We trace the history and present ten facts of this well-known make.
1. Three keywords: Every design envisioned by Turri, from the very first chest of drawers to the current production, follows three tenets: “Originality, authenticity and uniqueness”.
2. Sticking to roots: Since its inception in 1925, the company has produced accents, characterised by manual production techniques and high quality materials. Lacquer, brass, crystal and precious wood are combined and finished with processes dating back to the beginning of the 19th century.
3. Making a mark, first: The brand’s founder, Pietro Turri and the great grandfather of the current president, Andrea Turri was the first to sell classic furniture to the rich in Milan and also the first to own a beautiful showroom in Piazzale Cadorna in 1930.

4. The expansion plan: By 1975, the modest brand expanded to two production units into an area of 2 lakh sq ft, run by a team of 120 skilled craftsmen.  In the late ‘90s, the venture spread across luxury markets in Europe and America as well as Russia, the Middle and Far East.
6. It’s success secret: Growing up in a typical Italian family, Andrea now the sole owner, took over in 2006. Steering the brand into success, he gives the entire credit to Turri’s deeply rooted ethos, “We love and respect classic traditions, even when we offer modern and innovative interpretations,” enthuses Andrea.
7. The landmark achievement: In 2009, Turri opened new headquarters in Northern Italy that houses their offices and two showrooms. The furniture line includes classic baroque and contemporary creations.
8. An appetite for innovation: Today, Turri also offers complete design solutions including false ceilings, doors, woodwork and marble as well as customised furniture for any environs, be it a residence, grand hotel or luxe yacht.
9. Creative kings: To keep up with constant novelty Italian creatives Giovanni Cagnato and Fabio Friso were roped in to guide the label to new directions. “A strong history is very important for the company, but that does not make us renowned. Innovation is equally necessary. You have to study the market and culture to envision world class products,” divulges Andrea.
10. Fashion Fresh: Celebrating the completion of their 90 years, the brand launched its first standalone store in Milan in 2015. “We are following a new trend where furniture is getting closer to fashion. This is going to be a big change in our strategy for Rome and Milan. We present a new idea every year and this is part of our revolutionary change,” concludes the CEO.