Turn your home into a ‘marbelous’ masterpiece with A-Class Marble

NOV 14, 2019 | By Vedika Nair
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT Umber; Signature; Avant-Garde
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT Exotica; Classique; Pristine; Rustica

Give your home an alabaster touch with A-Class Marble—a one-stop destination to crafting a ‘marbelous’ space. With a technology boom today, marble has proven to be a great choice in designing furniture, accessories and artefacts. Adding opulence to spaces, the stone is a popular choice for luxury bathrooms and also finds a place in living and bedroom spaces.

Available in two finishes—polished and honed, marble adds to the aesthetic vision of an abode. For spaces like foyers, A-Class Marbles’ collections—Signature, Pristine and Classique are some of the most sought after options. A hot trend in today’s age, granite is the right choice to add character and elegance to kitchen countertops. The brand’s Rustica range is the desirable choice for kitchens, while bathrooms can be crafted with the Poise series. With a widening possibility of developing the material with state of the art technology, A-Class Marble delivers a finished product that comes in different varieties.

The exclusive collections of Statuario, Bronze Amani, Michel Angelo and Grey William are a favoured choice for wall claddings. Likewise, Pink Onyx, Smokey Onyx, Banoffee Onyx and semi-precious stones like quartz agates are a great option for backlit installations, and as countertop material in dining tables and centre tables. Avant-Garde textured stone-like Basaltino, Crocodile Black, Ocean Black, Mocha Cream Leather are commonly used on the facade and exterior garden space. The Opera range is curated to seamlessly blend with living spaces, bathrooms and as a material to highlight walls. With over 450+ varieties of marble and stones handpicked from some of the best quarries around the world, A-Class Marble continues to deliver ‘marbelous’ designs.