#TrendAlert Healing Solitude: Rest and recuperate within a comforting seclusion of your abode and recharge yourself with soothing decor

JUL 23, 2021 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
White wallpaper highlights from the North Wallpaper (No. 3013) by Decor Maison have been patinated with colour to look old. A Thonet chair, available at Dusty Deco is paired with a vase and Ylva Skarp painting from Posh Living as well as an old brass candlestick akin to a Skultuna product. A cosy bed uses blue pillowcase from Himla, blue and white pillowcase from Chhatwal & Jonsson, beige pillowcase and blue-beige duvet cover from Dirty Linen, Anfora blue-patterned pillowcase from Mille Notti, grey pillowcase in organic cotton from Yumeko, Sov-gott, Abisko blue pillowcase and duvet cover from Åhléns, ornamental pillow from Ceannis, Posh Living, gurli plaid from Ikea and grey plaid from Nord, Sov-gott. Additionally, a sleek brass floor lamp from Dusty Deco illuminates the ambience; Photographs by Johansson Patric

#TrendAlert Healing Solitude: Hit pause and let your mind and body relax as you indulge in slumber, meditation and savour the sweetness of doing nothing… Styled by Sjogren Sara; Translated by Instituto Hispania

Soft furnishings are infused with a Fede grey knitted plaid from Mille Notti, a pink duvet cover from Dirty Linen, grey-black pillowcase from Himla, grey and pink pillowcase from Ateljé Alt and Linblomma white pillowcase from Ikea. A round side table from Ateljé Alt houses a bowl from Room, a clock by designer Arne Jacobsen from Rosendahl, Norrgavel and a vase from Posh Living while a Dusty Deco floor lamp radiates a soft glow; Photographs by Johansson Patric

A comfortably furnished bed is an indispensable part of the bedroom. Let your bed be a sanctum to rest, enveloping you in soft cottons and organic linens. Slowdown to make the best of your me-time!

The bedroom features a grey pillow from Åhléns, a light pink pillowcase and beige duvet cover from Dirty Linen, golden oyster batik-patterned duvet cover from Dis, beige pillowcase and sunshine purple pillowcase from Himla, grey pillowcase in organic jersey from Yumeko , Sov-gott, purple bedspread from Norrgavel, knitted grey blanket from Nord, Sov-gott, a photograph coined Thank God It’s Winter for Good Luck, green bowl from Dis, a floor lamp from Konsthantverk, Fede knitted grey plaid from Mille Notti; Photographs by Johansson Patric

Listen to that podcast, meditate and breathe easy, exercise your creativity and manifest your next travel destination; all from the comfort and luxury of your bed. The secret to good health is a nourished body and soul. Do it in style, never mind if you’re bound to bed, there’s still plenty of room for play, exercise and a whole lot of snooze time.

Sunshine blue and beige pillowcase, and a beige duvet cover from Himla, natural white and blue duvet cover from Dirty Linen and Susan bedspread from Åhléns create a snug oasis. Settled on it is an Åhléns tray, a plate from Posh Living, a Stockholm espresso cup from Ikea, a blue rain espresso cup from Cervera, Sarjaton blue bowl from Iittala, Cervera, Svit cutlery from Ikea and a Lempi glass from Iittala, Cervera; Photographs by Johansson Patric

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