#TrendAlert Arc Living: We’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the scallop trend!

NOV 6, 2020 | By Sonia Dutt and Prateeksha Kackar
Metal Archico collection “Tumba Arcade” unit from Tasha Terenina
Mango wood with brass “Connie Sideboard” from Swoon Editions
Aluminium patinated “G2 Desk” from Francesco Balzano
Powder coated stainless steel “La Redonda” chair by Bodegón Cabinet from Folks-Folks And Sight Unseen
(L-R) Wallpaper with gold “Edo” screen from Iqrup + Ritz; “Hawa Beirut” chair From Richard Yasmine; Steel with aluminium and polycarbonate diffuser “U-Series” light from Sylvain Willenz

Timeless in its design notes, classic in its form and ever charming—this is why we’ve got caught in the net of the scallop trend! Style and Trend Prediction by Sonia Dutt 

Photograph by Natalia Monica

This curvaceous ariel bed combines natural, art nouveau-inspired forms. It features clean lines and tapered legs typical of midcentury design. What we love most though is the segmented, seashell-like headboard that adds a dramatic air to any bedroom, while the gold-capped feet provide some much needed contemporary glamour. Designed by Jacquie Dunton from Sweetpea & Willow

Custom scalloped curtain made using NC16677, a cotton and polyester blend, from Nirmals Furnishings. Seen against the Reef Green 7469 Stucco Slate Texture by Asian Paints from Kripal Paints

Easily adapting to the theme of most spaces, the scallop trend with its clean-finished edges and dramatic play on verticality makes way for modern vaulted spaces with a dreamy, whimsical allure

John Anthony, a contemporary dim sum restaurant designed by studio Linehouse, drawing from the journey of the eponymous historical figure—the first Chinese citizen to be naturalised as a British national. Colonial architecture blurred with eastern detailing gives way for the transformation of a British tea hall into a Chinese canteen.

A material palette, inspired by Anthony’s route across diverse regions, includes hand-glazed tiles, terracotta, hand-dyed fabrics and handwoven wickers. Beyond the dining hall is a series of decorative, repeated arched spaces clad in handmade tiles of green and blue, which lend intimacy to the setting.

Decorate your space with an assortment of unique and wondrous scallop shaped handmade tiles to create soothing tessellated surfaces

Photograph by S Thiru

Green 7469 stucco slate texture by Asian Paints from Kripal Paints Ceramic glazed handmade “Azul Fishscale” from Keramos
 Ceramic with glass “Ivory Murano” and Porcelain “Fan”; both from FCML Porcelain “Cadoba Beige” from Elegantbath Vitrified “Hmd 6679” from HMD Design Studio Ceramic “Padua Mix” from FCML Ceramic glazed handmade “Light Moroccan Blue-122 Azul Fishscale” from Keramos Cement “Floret” wall covering from Craft Beton

These tiny handmade ceramic dishes with scalloped edges are the perfect accents—from your culinary sojourns to your lifestyle living

Photograph by Cord x Clay

Designed by Cord x Clay, these colourful ceramic containers help in easy storage and hold anything from jewellery to pinches of salt. Breaking the monotony of a circle, these speckled curves are adorable must-haves!

Through timeless arches of life, echoing modern spunk in classic styles

Hand crafted wooden “Geometric Arabic” tray from Le Jahaan