Travel back in time through this Goan tavern

SEP 27, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Tucked in a hamlet of Goa, Soro, designed by architect Raya Shankhwalker is an antithesis of a regular pub, telling the story of a 1940s dealer, in an aged setup. A humble, wooden plaque that says “Soro”, meaning alcohol in Konkani, engraved on a dilapidated wall, sparks curiosity. The exteriors of this almost 3,000 sq ft property create uncertainty but as you enter, you find yourself in a lively pub, masquerading as an ancient tavern.
“My client wanted a small sized bar inside the ruins of an old corner store. Beyond that, we conceptualised  a story: A 1940s warehouse owned by a local dealer who traded in different goods and products. All images on the walls are representative of the various brands he worked with during those days,” avers Raya Shankhwalker.
As the planning began, three walls of the original entrance were retained; all other partitions and art were given an aged look by Patanga Art, a Mumbai based set design company. While galvanised iron sheets were used for roofing, the base was sourced from Bharat Floorings and Tiles. “We asked them to send whatever was left in their godown. They sent 70 different samples and we carefully put together a floor pattern with it,” adds Raya.
A verdant outdoor area with a water body was created to lend a tropical aura to the place. Finally, to authenticate the design, the decor elements were either fabricated in Goa sourced from all over the country.
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