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Top interior trends of 2017

JAN 2, 2017 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Get a glimpse into the future of the contemporary home as we bring you six trends that are poised to dominate interiors in 2017. Pick from black and white tiles, calming red wallpapers and watercolour fabrics, to kitchens drenched in chocolate hues, gleaming brass accessories and delft ceramic ware for the perfect tablescape.
Hot Trend 1: Ebony & Ivory
Surrender to the magnetism of black and white – allow your world to get enveloped inside the classic combination that commands sophistication. We suggest you to retreat to a calming reading den of uniformity – a quiet nook where ideas can run amok. Accentuate the area with patterned, soft fabrics that influence leisure or a long stupor, with pretty accessories to match the mood.
Hot Trend 2: Crimson Zen
Love reigns supreme – the softer side of the brilliant red colour portrays compassion and humility while soothing the senses. This new year, awash your home with mellow, subdued scarlet to paint a picture of tranquility and peace. Be consistent in your effort to craft your monastery – co-ordinate walls, furnishings and even centrepieces in the shade. Embrace weathered textures and raised prints for visual relief from the solitary hue.
Hot Trend 3: Watercolour Wonders
Create a chromatic confluence – experiment with the mysterious purplish sunset hues and get enchanted by their endearing alchemy. Get friendly with watercolours and drench your abode with their everlasting vibrancy. Turn even the most neglected corners into expressive canvases telling fascinating tales. Choose an artistic print with large motifs or just paint over your partitions; take pride in your museum-like interiors. Pick up a brush and awaken the Michelangelo in you.
Hot Trend 4: 80% Cocoa
Deep, dark, delicious – rediscover your love for contrasts with the rich texture yet earthy quality of the hue. Find solace and peace of mind in prepping your own meals. A cookroom awash with the rustic, woody colour of nature will do the trick. Play with shades of wood and the different grains on its surface. Don’t stop at just central islands and cabinets – go the whole mile with ladles, spatulas and even essentials such as forks, spoons and whisks too.
Hot Trend 5: Nostalgic Delft
Energetic splashes of the breezy combination unfurl – adorn your space with this decadent assemblage of white and blue. Get inspired by the blue waters and white skies and let peace ebb and flow in your room. Reflect the hues of beautiful orchids and flora on tableware. Natural and elegant energies evoke as this serene, opulent palette dominates through glassware, ceramics and surfaces.
Hot Trend 6: Bold as Brass
Succumb to metallic magic – the crude, gold colour has the subtle ability to instantly transform staid spaces. A bright yet collected fusion of yellows and golds emanates from nature as the season transitions from autumn to winter. The weather may change, yes, but this alloy hue has the quality of being timeless and versatile. Accentuate your home generously with centrepieces that steal the show in this dazzling shade.
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