Tom Dixon launches his first South East Asian flagship store in Hong Kong

JUN 14, 2017 | By Ayman Contractor
L-R: An array of accessories and lights in copper and gold from Tom Dixon;The outer facade stands out with its matte black finish;The entrance of the store features gold lighting fixtures;The Nodi Cafe on the upper floor of Tom Dixon’s store;The store houses different concepts to inspire their shoppers.
British designer Tom Dixon has launched his eponymous store in Hong Kong, venturing into the South Asian market. The duplex store stands out with its jet black facade in the posh Hollywood Road, offering the latest in furniture, lighting and home accessories. The store is designed to encourage shoppers with a plug and play lighting track and a tool box designed to demonstrate colour, finishes and fabric options.
The industrial loft maintains a monochrome theme with a black staircase, concrete floors and whitewashed walls. These provide the backdrop for the living, dining and bathroom concepts featuring his products. Tired shoppers can slow down and soak in the store while sampling some artisanal coffee and snacks in a trendy cafe, operated by Hong Kong’s famous Nodi Coffee Shop.
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