Function meets flamboyance of yellows at this home close to Mumbai by Jeet Soneji of Jetsons

JUL 1, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
Adding a pop of yellow, the entrance door spills onto the adjoining wall. Following suit the TV unit console displays touches of yellow and terracotta on its rich birch ply build; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
The kitchen flaunts a dynamic colour palette of yellow, beige and black with yellow and teal hexagon patterned tiles along with Portuguese tiles; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar
Wood governs the material palette of the home with laminated doors and bracket shelves; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Function comes on the heels of flamboyance at this home just a little outside of Mumbai, near Thane. A frame-worthy construction takes an interesting shape in form of what’s dubbed the Tiny Yellow House. 

Helmed by Jeet Soneji, Founder and Principal Architect, Jetsons, the 340 sq ft compact den treads a palette of vivid yellows and whites.

The Curious Brief

“The transformation of the space from a cramped one-bedroom apartment to a spacious one-bedroom house was meticulously planned,” Jeet muses, A first investment for the owners, a young working couple, the brief was to make the house look as less small as possible with splashes of warm colours like sunny yellow!

Astutely planned, Jeet informs, “We demolished the kitchen wall that separated the living room from the kitchen to link the two spaces, make the living room appear larger, and create  a more open layout.”

The living room is characterised by square screen-printed tile flooring, birch ply console shutters with terracotta and yellow colour pops, a grey sofa set with teak wood legs, curtained otla seating in a yellow envelope; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

Tour every turn of the home

The entrance introduces a striking work of jaali with the door. Creating a tiled border for the main entrance, custom screen-printed Portuguese tiles are piled on the side of the doorway. As one saunters in, the floor seems carpeted with a square screen-printed tile in five different designs. A fluted glass screen stands poised dividing the living room and kitchen.

Maximising on storage with wit, the TV unit folds into vertical storage units and folds against the window wall with a storage unit. The living room sofa set comes in two colours: a grey day with a tiny backrest and a teak wood leg.  The same grey seat gradually transforms into a brilliant yellow cushioned and curtained otla seating.

The yellow main entrance door accentuated with a matte black jaali design foretells the theme of the home; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The kitchen displays a grey marble countertop and backsplash, birch ply storage shutters with fluted glass. The multi-coloured chip terrazzo dining table with bar chairs complements the colourful patterned tile flooring; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The entrance foyer houses terracotta and white patterned flooring, a cool blue storage rack and a fluted glass partition with matte black frame; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


An interplay of colours, materials and patterns add a positive and upbeat ambience to every corner of the home; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

A multi-coloured chip terrazzo table top with matte black metal legs separates the kitchen and the living area. A tall breakfast ledge stands with two bar chairs, half painted yellow and wood.

Moving past the kitchen, with a terrazzo floored bathroom on the way, closer to the bedroom the flooring changes from mixed patterned flooring in the kitchen to chevron-patterned wooden tile flooring.

Jeet reveals on how the space was made to look bigger, “To make it feel larger, the upper part of the room and all of the walls, including cabinet doors for closets, are kept white.” Paired with Otla seating is a small reading nook by the window near the closet.

Ideas to bookmark — colours and materials 

A playground of gorgeous and meticulously planned colours, textures and patterns, every turn of this house exemplifies a robust character, not confining to the limitations of the compact space. Yellow meets whites and gorgeous splashes of wood tones with hints of greys and beige occasionally.

Concluding the yellow colour theme of the home, the primary bedroom bed headboard flaunts shades of yellow contrasted with white bedding; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


A small window otla seating with a grey cushion top paired with a wood and white storage and chevron-patterned wooden tile flooring create a snug ambience in the bedroom; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar


The bathroom includes a fluted glass divider with a black metal frame, an arched mirror, yellow and white square tile grid supplemented by black and white sanitary fittings; Photographs by Aditya Warlikar

What Jeet Soneji fell in love with at this home…

For Jeet and the Jetsons team, imbuing integral detailing in all of the spaces they create is crucial, while staying true to the homeowner’s briefs. At the Tiny Yellow House, what Jeet enjoyed the most? He tells us, “The terracotta and white coloured flooring pattern that carpets the living area, making it more open in some spots and closed in others, was one of the nicest things that we loved when constructing the entire space.”