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Through the ELLE Decor Crystal Ball: Trends 2020

DEC 23, 2019 | By Sonia Dutt and Aneesha Bhadri
This seating system by Parisotto+Formenton for True Design constitutes pouffes with backs and integrated tables. Its reconfigurability makes it ideal for solitary pursuits as well as group activities; Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt
The Sun Theatre by Cecilia Coppola represents theatre from the 18th century, decorated with astrological and allegorical symbols in porcelain and gold lustre; Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt
Zulu basket weaving patterns are seen on the Hlabisa bench, created by Thabisa Mjo of Mash.T Design Studio, Houtlander and Bambi Zulu; Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt
ZTISTA, the new furniture line by Victoria Yakusha is made using recycled steel. It is coated with an organic mixture with the help of a 300 year old modelling technique known as “valkuvannia”; Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt
The matte “NN34 Blue Moon Shining” from Nilaya Naturals by Asian Paints is a breathable pigment, made using 95 per cent organic ingredients; Trend & Style Prediction by Sonia Dutt

Gaze into the future as we give you a tantalising glimpse of predictions that we foresee unfolding in the coming year—iconic movements, trending styles and definitive palettes that will balance tradition, innovation and address the pressing needs of the hour. ELLE DECOR India’s Chief Creative Officer Sonia Dutt predicts the trends to watch out for….

Modular and malleable—seating arrangements that can be restructured in a number of configurations

Synthetic and sensible—waste material that’s reused, reinvented or recycled for an eco friendly and aesthetic makeover

Bare and beautiful—skin tones that present varied facets of neutral and warm shades in a (nut)shell

Foam and function—geometric forms that use clean lines and soft shades to shun unnecessary fluff

Primitive and pure—handcrafted objects that reimagine natural textures, traditional methods and simpler times

Fables and fantasies—bedtime stories that influence imaginative scenarios and summon a child like wonder

Colour and canvas—the earthy hue that compels us to go back to our roots and celebrate our legacy

Natural and new age—innovative materials and alternate technologies that create benevolent designs

Hues of heaven – an elemental colour that soothes the senses and invigorates the mind

Automation and opulence—high tech functionality that’s draped in decadent trimmings with a hint of steampunk