This travelling exhibition is a bed of 25,000 LED roses

NOV 2, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Much like a scene from a fairy tale of the digital age, a sea of 25,000 white roses made of LED lights has been the talk of Chengdu, China since August. This travelling public art demonstration, titled Light Rose Garden, is a collaborative effort by the eponymous creative team and Seoul based PANCOM together with curators Hong Kong based creative agency AllRightsReserved and California based Amherst Inc. The dazzling spectacle commenced its tour from Seoul and is presently in Chengdu as its first ever rooftop version.
A spectacular illustration of bridging gaps in traditions of love, the exhibition in the Chinese mainland will coincide with their Valentine’s Day, mid-autumn festival and National Day, while being the venue for various love themed activities. The garden comprises 25 roses every 32 sq ft – arranged to create a congregation of light illuminating the area against the city’s gorgeous skyline.
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