This stylish German township is entirely powered by sunlight

MAR 23, 2017 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
L-R:A view of the stylish interiors of the Schlierberg Solar Settlement in Freiburg.
Photographs courtesy Rolf Disch Solar Architecture, Germany;German architect and crusader of ethical building systems, Rolf Disch has successfully built a township in Freiburg entirely powered by natural light.
Among the consistently trending topics on the internet today, one remains constant: The dire need to build an ecological world where man and nature can cohabit harmoniously. Rolf Disch, a German architect and environmental activist has been pioneering the need for eco-friendly residential, retail and commercial structures since 1994.
In 2004, he decided to build an ideal neighbourhood in Freiburg, Germany – the Schlierberg Solar Settlement with multiple homes and a commercial building called the Sun Ship. The 59 wooden residences including nine penthouses are spread over approximately 13,155 yards and each home has a large photovoltaic roof. These produce more energy than they consume and the area is emission free due to the car sharing system observed here.
What’s more, the visionary in 2009 launched an organisation called 100% GmbH, “a trading association of renewable power companies. The aim is to get completely reusable energy to supply Freiburg and its surrounding districts to make it the first sustainable region in the world.” We hope more such projects see the light of day around the world.
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