Architectural firm Método’s spectacular Mexican lakeside home project is what summer dreams are made of

APR 1, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
The “A frame” shape is used to its fullest potential with a 40 ft ceiling; Photographs by Tatiana Mestre
Lounge space in the living room opens to the idyllic views of the lake; Photographs by Tatiana Mestre
Kitchen space is dominated with neutral hues; Photographs by Tatiana Mestre

Imagine waking up to the view of mountains and the gentle gushing of the lake nearby. The private family residence, nestled within the charming town of Valle de Bravo, Mexico is a fresh respite from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

Renowned for a busy lake flooded with tourists and ski-goers, wooded mountains and even migratory butterflies—the panorama for the house is a postcard perfect landscape. Nothing seems more perfectly situated than this spacious A-shaped house in the middle of a thicket of flourishing greens, fencing the house for a solitary recluse.

House A, sprawling over 3,500 sq ft area, is intended to be able to appropriate its surroundings and give its inhabitants a way to ‘live’ the lake. The project, helmed by architecture firm, Método, is a culmination of natural elements, high spaces and plenty of natural light. The unique structure of the space built is reminiscent of a beachside retreat or a cabin in the woods. But thanks to Instagram, nostalgia, and the allure of luxurious lifestyle, the A-frame composition fuels the creative fodder for architects and designers alike.

“The A-frame shape is used to its fullest potential to make this possible. Therefore, it was very important that the structure was present in every space of the house. Additionally, we wanted the structure to be a coherent element with the house’s functionality,” says Bernardo García, founder of Método. “Built of modern conceptualisation, the structure’s efficient steel build adapts to local construction materials and techniques,” he adds.

Enter the home and you will see an open living room that brings the outdoors in, literally. The space is replete with sofa and boho cushions arranged with an air of nonchalance. We are already dreaming of a lazy summer holiday, lounging and mindlessly gazing at the idyllic views of the lake ahead.

The dining space and a metal staircase leads to the bedroom upstairs; Photographs by Tatiana Mestre

The au naturel colour palette of earthy tones in neutral hues of grey blending in with the warmth of wood which interacts with its surroundings and natural environment. There is a mix of rustic materials such as stone clad walls, wooden panels, steel, and glass windows, together with the acute and high spaces of the house.

Streams of sunlight trickle in through the windows—lending a warm and contemporary ambience. “The sub-humid climate and the north facing views made us seek solar orientation in other directions. In order to counteract these conditions, we opened lateral balconies like a boat’s deck that permitted us to receive solar radiation in mornings and evenings. This also gave us the advantage to use the most acute spaces of the house that otherwise would have been unutilised,” he says.

The dwindling staircase leads you to the bedrooms for quiet afternoon siestas. Summer place, weekend getaway, or year-round tropical redoubt — your choice. But one thing’s for certain: You’ll never tire of the incredible view!

A cosy bedroom points to the A-frame of the home; Photographs by Tatiana Mestre