This sofa is designed to give you the best sex of your life

MAR 29, 2018 | By Reecha Kulkarni
This sofa, by LoveRollers, is part of an entire range of furniture, exclusively designed for lovemaking.
We can give you a comprehensive understanding of your sex life based on the dating hacks you choose: Tinder, Hinge or this ambitious sofa? If you chose any of the mobile dating apps, you may find yourself with a recurring case of finger cramps – mostly from all that swiping. However, your chances of finding true love (or recurring orgasms, whichever comes first) are potentially far higher with the sofa. Adjust the lower arc of your back, lift your pelvis or roll over at the press of a button – this sofa is part of an entire range of furniture, exclusively designed for lovemaking.Gaurav Singh, an IIT Delhi alum, put in years of research to come up with the brand, LoveRollers. “Every natural process is mathematically defined in nature. LoveRollers is scientifically and mathematically designed to provide the most suitable and advisable position to (provide deep penetration and aid conception),” he says. “Ancient Indian wisdom has so much to offer: Kama Sutra positions take the lovemaking experience to another level but our beds and furniture help little in making those positions possible.”
Packaged along with a guide to over 100 Kama Sutra positions, the furniture line includes a standard sofa, a mini variant, a convertible version and an assortment of pillows, leaving you scientifically closer to having the best sex of your life.
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