This season bring home sculptural pieces that mimic architectural elements

AUG 14, 2019 | By by Elissa Ossino Studio
The Introverso table mirror by Verter Turroni for Imperfetto Lab rests on the floor behind the Cristalmood sink by Carlo Colombo, which is combined with Nevio Tellatin’s Indigo tap. The Moon table lamp in Opalflex by Slamp sits in the foreground ; Photographs by Paola Pansini
A floor bookcase in plastic laminate from the Una Mostra Di Mobili collection by Pierre Charpin for Memphis is seen beside the fabric upholstered Reversivel armchair by Martin Eisler from Nilufar Gallery ; Photographs by Paola Pansini
The chrome and lacquered metal USM Haller shelving system hosts a plastic sculpture from Cose. A centrepiece by Josef Hoffmann for Bieffeplast is placed on Marco Zito’s light metallic Wam Bench for Bross Italy. A porcelain objet from the Vienna collection by Heide Warlamis is on the floor ; Photographs by Paola Pansini
A pendant lamp from GamFratesi is suspended above the 4818 armchair by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell from the Luisa delle Piane Gallery. In the background, the Mongolia pillow by Angelo Carillo for Reevèr sits on Jean-Marie Massaud’s Sydney sofa for Poliform. Beside it is the Chesto armchair encased in Patrick Norguet’s fabric for De Padova. The Jove table by Draga & Aurel for Baxter holds a 60s vase and a black and white chalice by Ettore Sottsass for Bitossi Ceramics ; Photographs by Paola Pansini

The mini marvels trend draws inspiration from architectural elements like sharp lines of skyscrapers, the gentle sweep of arches and the defining shape of pyramids that can now define the decor of your home. Elissa Ossino Studio has designed the perfect mini marvel to spruce up your home. The intricate design encompasses dainty decor items that revamp your home to look elegant and sophisticated. A neutral black white and grey palette is maintained throughout with only a few pops of baby pink here and there. These designs also feature elegant lights to illuminate your home. The trend is very basal and chic but a treat for anyone who loves minimal decor.