This NYC penthouse is specifically designed for Instagram influencers

FEB 21, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) Left: Kitchen barstools sourced from Wayfair; Right: Low-profile lacquer and brass side table ;The blush pink dining chairs are sourced from Wayfair;Left: The space has a strong feminine streak with dashes of trendy millennial pink; Right: A vintage-inspired gold mirror leans against the replace in the living space; the faux hyde rug, marble table tops and brass table contrast with the navy velvet chairs which brings character to a photoshoot or a social media post;Left: Kitchen barstools sourced from Wayfair; Right: Low-profile lacquer and brass side table.

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed populated with scenic locations and blissful brunch-in-bed pictures by your favourite blogger while you struggled to get the perfect lighting for your own delectable plating of sushi? Like us, bloggers and social media influencers are always on a quest to find the perfect light, ideal props and larger-than-life settings for their images.

To provide both the influencers and brands with a canvas for content creation, New York-based Village Marketing has introduced a rentable luxe apartment called Village Studio. Sprawling over a 2,400sqft area, this dreamy penthouse nestles within New York City’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood.

Designed and furnished by Maggie Kanter of American e-commerce giant, Wayfair, the space comes fully furnished with every Insta-worthy arrangement imaginable. As you enter, you will see your Pinterest mood boards come to life.

The Mid Century modern-themed space dons hues of white and blush pink, peppered with gold accents and dressed up marble – every millennial’s dream home if there ever was one. “The space has design vignettes that work well for photography and videography,” says Vickie Seagar, founder of Village Marketing and Village Studio. “You will find everything from feature walls, a cosy replace, and a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the Manhattan skyline,” she adds. Bring on the ice teas and a strong Wi-Fi connection, we could lounge here all day long!