This new Mumbai restaurant will satiate your appetite for design

NOV 3, 2016 | By Ashiesh Shah
Sunlight floods in from the skylight above and illuminates the restaurant floor, part white polished marble and part textured slate. Many elements that might be considered “de rigueur” in most luxury restaurants are ditched in favour of basic materials. The use of hard wood tables, brass structures, stone clad walls and floor mirror Chef Prateek Sadhu’s approach to naturally sourced and foraged ingredients.
The name Masque itself alludes to the idea of a performance. The space is transformative – the dramatic details inspired by structures of pioneering modernists like Le Corbusier (the undulating walls for instance or the arch that conceals the stairs), meet a sensibility that is more subtle and luxurious (the 30 ft long velvet curtains).
The Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi was central in the design process. Characterised by an aesthetic of beauty that incorporates natural objects and processes, it is stripped down and subtle. The decor is also fairly minimal and whatever objects are on display have been carefully procured and help create a balance of materials, textures and colours. The architecture, an amalgamation of materials and soft light create a cocoon – it transports you away from the bustle of the city. One can no longer keep track of time here.
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