This Mumbai home designed by Chaitali Parikh plays with bold colours and patterns

NOV 22, 2018 | By Akshita Bhansali
With the dauntless use of primary colours, the customised bookshelf forms a striking divider between the living and dining areas; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal

Bringing a city slicker’s dream to life is this 1,150 sq ft home in suburban Mumbai overlooking the vast Arabian sea. Step inside and you are welcomed by a poetic dance of kaleidoscopic patterns and colours bursting at seams – all seamlessly blending together. The vibrant abode—the first marital home is a direct reflection of the happy newlyweds, Adwait Dandekar and Anandini Fernandez. The centrestage is the living space where ritzy furniture and eclectic walls demand a second look. Redesigned by Chaitali Parikh, the contrasting colours of the furniture and the walls complement each other.

With the dauntless use of primary colours, we see an effortlessly play of these hues in the customized bookshelf. Form meets function, this bookshelf separates the living from the dining. The wooden lamination on the flooring connects the two areas with a passage.

The walls in the living room with the wood laminate flooring and eclectic accessories are a striking contrast—the white bricked facade clashes with the bold red expanse; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal


The dining area is furnished with eclectic lighting and wood laminate flooring; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal

Walking into the dining room, the windows opens up to twinkling Arabian Sea and letting in the light which makes the space look larger than life. The designer says, “Making a small space look larger than life in a bustling city like Mumbai requires careful attention to detail. I recommend breaking unnecessary walls, increasing window sizes to help open up spaces.”

Hanging above the brick red dinette is a black yet eye catching, spoke-wheel light, that adds bright yellow lighting in the space. A noticeable change in the colour palette takes place as we move into the bedrooms, with hues of blue and white. A full height wardrobe and a quilted headboard visually increase the height of the room, hence making the room look larger. Chaitali uses a warm colour palette and lively patterns along with artifacts that are family heirlooms to make this house a home, and a welcoming one.

A noticeable change in the colour palette takes place as we move into the bedrooms, with hues of blue and white; Photographs by Pulkit Sehgal