This microbrewery lets you wine and dine with nature for company

JAN 12, 2017 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Now taking a walk in the garden seems like the ideal Friday night plan – at least for those who frequent Biergarten in Whitefield, Bengaluru. Conceptualised by Shruti Jaipuria of MAIA Design Studio and Amitha Madan of TREELIGHT DESIGN, this microbrewery redefines the city’s regular bar aesthetics. Straying away from the distressed wooden look, this 11,000 sq ft space is dotted with greenery and community tables. “This is an apt place for office goers who like to hang out in groups,” explains Shruti.
Due to the massive available area, the concept of a maze was an easy design deduction too. The colour was king – the custom furniture reflects the hues of the foliage around while the grey bison board on the walls mimics the shades of cement tiles. There are two types of flooring: On the lower seating level is a combination of grass and cement and on “the upper floor, to create a subtle contradiction, we used lighter wood,” shares Amitha. Local landscape artist Hari KV advised them on the right kind of flora to use indoors and The Purple Turtles fabricated outdoor illuminators, contributing to the uniqueness of this outlet.
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