This holiday home by Cane Boutique transports us into a South Asian wonderland

AUG 17, 2021 | By Sharayu Shinde
A stone clad wall in soft beige sets the backdrop for the ground floor living room; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Designed to entertain and host celebrations, the ground floor is equipped with a bar and billiards table; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Instead of physical demarcations, the open plan living area skilfully uses various materials and aesthetics for different zones; Photographs by Anand Jaju
The family rooms are drenched in wooden details and sport a cool, modern colour palette; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Large dressers and attached bath area ensure a comfortable stay at the holiday home; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Situated on the reserved, first floor, the family room is an elegant space in shades of blues and whites; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Adding to the interesting material palette of the space, the solid log center table stands out against other neutral shades; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Different motifs and forms are carved onto the colossal mandir door, enhancing the theme of the house; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Plush velvet fabrics in vibrant, rich hues bring flair and flamboyance to the large living room; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Big planters from Bali and many accessories and artifacts from Thailand and Indonesia complete the South Asian inspired abode; Photographs by Anand Jaju
Located on the outskirts of the city, the place is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city; Photographs by Anand Jaju

Seeped in South Asian grandeur, the Reddys’ Villa is an opulent yet serenely designed holiday home by Khushi Todi and Ritu Todi, the mother-daughter designer duo behind Bengaluru-based furniture and decor studio, Cane Boutique. Infused with a varied range of Indonesian and Thai accessories, including Balinese pots and Thai bamboo shades, the home teleports one into vacation mode. 

“The key to designing this space was to combine different design styles and cultures to create an unusual seamless mix of interiors. Each piece is custom made and every area that you see has been created with a lot of thought and finesse,” shares Khushi Todi, founder and interior designer, Cane Boutique. 

Built within an expansive 9000 sq ft gated complex, the home is spread over two floors, comprising several common areas and private rooms, a Buddha courtyard, a bar and a private spa in an attempt to create a retreat-like setting. 

Natural materials are complemented by plush finishes creating a space that is both welcoming and luxurious; Photographs by Anand Jaju

A tailor made Buddha Face artwork is the pièce de resistance of the house. Strategically placed to be visible from all rooms and spaces of the house, the calming artwork is paramount in setting the design direction of the house. A lush, frangipani tree thriving in the middle of a fish pond complements the earthy tones of the wall mounted Buddha and brings a piece of the exotic outdoors inside the house.

Luxe accent lighting elevates the grandeur of the ground floor living room. Exotic details from South Asia and vibrant splashes of colours adorn the space; Photographs by Anand Jaju

A capacious living room flanked by stone clad walls and a contemporary chic stairway is set across large Japanese Shoji glass windows which open onto the oiled deck area. Guests can soak in the lush tropical views while relaxing on the lavish seating cluster or open up the window and access the outdoor deck. The non intrusive boundaries between the indoor and outdoor create a seamless, scenic space, ideal for large gatherings.

The wall mounted Buddha and the fish pond create a placid ambience; Photographs by Anand Jaju

Integrating natural light and keeping the space well ventilated was of utmost importance for the designer. “While designing we looked into the direction of the sun rays during different times of the day, the walls where the rays fall during the day is treated in different materials like stone, brick and wooden stripes, which add to the design and create a drama of light and play,” explains Todi. 

A healthy dash of foliage enhances the natural essence of the space; Photographs by Anand Jaju

A fusion of styles and materials demarcate different zones in the palatial, open plan floor. An intricately carved, ornate mandir door is accentuated in a neutral brick wall, adding a quaint, spiritual definition to the space. The rustic walls continue into the dining space, characterised by a 14 feet long solid log wood table. The billiards table and distressed bars sport accents of gold and sprinkle opulence on the space.  

A log tabletop is the jewel of the dining room while french panelling and a sideboard refine the design; Photographs by Anand Jaju

The upper floor is a private sanctuary that honour’s the family’s privacy. The simple yet sophisticated space is designed to function efficiently without a lot of maintenance and care. A splendid flight of stairs leads to the main suite and kid’s bedrooms. A family room and jacuzzi room enable the family to unwind and relax during their holiday retreats. 

Cosy nooks for the family to enjoy a quiet cup of tea or have a laid back conversation feature throughout the holiday home; Photographs by Anand Jaju

Vivid imaginations and inspiration paired with fine craftsmanship define the design of this abode. “The use of natural materials such as limestone for the main double height wall in the living with a combination of anodised gold strip insets add statement yet create a balance in an unusual way,”  concludes Todi. 

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