This gorgeous Australian abode is filled with interesting art and charming curious by interior designer Lisa Buxton

MAR 28, 2019 | By Esha Pal
Super white marble, handles by restoration hardware, bowls by Astier de Villatte; Photographs by Caitlin Mills

A sanctuary unparalleled—in the quiet neighbourhood of Elwood, Australia, this Victorian style spatial abode breathes style, art aesthetics and sophistication. Sprawled across 2,130 sq ft of area, the house was built in 1880, and renovated in the early 1900s—information found in a dated newspaper cutting under the floorboards.

“My interior design philosophy is driven a lot by my love for art. So much so, even my furniture and light choices are sculptural as you can see by the mix of shapes and colours. My style is a conversation between shape and function,” says interior designer Lisa Buxton.

Custom dining chairs by Antony Todd, dining table by restoration hardware, artwork by Steven Harvey; Photographs by Caitlin Mills


Blue chair by Molteni&C, side table by Henry Dean, artwork by William Mackinnon; Photographs by Caitlin Mills

The designer found the site to be apt and took pleasure in its high ceilings and doorways, arched openings, intricate lacework, and original oak floorboards that provide the perfect canvas to create a light and airy space to live in. The home also accommodates the electric mix of art that Buxton possessed throughout her expeditions over the last 15 years.

Everything included in the interiors ended up being a unique piece that the designer adored, like the Blue Molteni&C chair in the living room that the designer bought in Milan. With a polished palette of natural white on all the walls paired with the original floorboards, the dwelling radiates a subtle aura. The mood board was aimed to create an amicable and coastal lifestyle.

Wallpaper by Elitis, gold sconce by Anna Charlesworth, vintage mirror; Photographs by Caitlin Mills

Finding art, that was used as inspiration in all the spaces, creates a sense of continuity. Custom dining chairs upholstered in a mix of bright green and dark green linen to play off the large painting by renowned London based artist Steven Harvey. Stepping into the kitchen, you will find colours influenced by the art both in the dining room which creates a humble setting. Material like super white marble handles on the cabinets by restoration hardware.

The bedrooms designed to easily wind down to, is a mix of soft linen throws, and crisp white sheets with artworks on top by Emily Ferretti, that casts a pastel backdrop. The dramatic wallpaper is a gorgeous black and gold vinyl from Elitis, paired with a gold tap and a simple gold Anna Charlesworth sconce. Imagine a space where everything is so heartfelt and designed with affection that it is sure to be memorable.