This fine-dining restaurant has a ceiling made of… cardboard

AUG 8, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: You can interpret the corrugated cardboard however you like- on walls, table tops or benches; Look up from your dim sum at Pa Pa Ya Colaba's cardboard ceiling; Sylvn Studio creates masterpieces from recycled materials.
Book a table at Mumbai’s Pa Pa Ya in Colaba for the sushi matrix, the experimental amuse bouche and their cardboard ceiling. Crafted by Sylvn Studio, the 700 sq ft suspended ceiling is made from corrugated cardboard, like most of their products.
Based in Mumbai, the design firm creates masterpieces from recycled materials like cardboard and burlap. From cabinet doors to wall murals, you could interpret their corrugated cardboard however you like. Bandana Jain, the Director, explains that she ventured into space designing after a lot of experimentation with product design. “I keep it a point to work on functionality and make versatile pieces of art,” she says, after realising she could craft luxury products from the recycled materials.
In addition to using recycled materials, the firm empowers women in the outskirts of Mumbai by encouraging financial independence while creating intricate designs. Website:
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