This dreamy vacation home—crafted in collaboration by Rajesh Patel and Janavi Javeri—will make you want to retreat to the hills

SEP 20, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
This Lonavala holiday home planned by Rajesh Patel and styled by Janavi Javeri features granite walls for the lower level and a stucco plaster for the upper level; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
View of the informal living area reveals a bar unit, a vase from Simone that sits on the console, and a tray from Oma on the side table; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The dining and informal seating areas are planned beside each other; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The formal living area features a vase from Primo, an Abaca pot with a plant from Mason Home, and lanterns from Oma; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The outdoor deck is accessorised using large candle stands (on the left) from Simone, planters from Abaca, cactus accessories from IKEA, and a grass ball from Address Home; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
This cosy, lived-in family room uses a rug from Vanjara Carpets, Surprise home cushions, custom sofa, and a set of bespoke centre tables that feature artworks from Chandra's Art Studio finished with clear epoxy coating; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
Beside the four-poster bed in the son's bedroom is this quirky 3D wall art from Silver Oak; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The daughter's ballet-inspired boudoir is furnished with an Oma bedspread and Surprise Home cushions. Also seen are ceramic figurines and wall art from Home Artisan, a flower ball from IKEA, gold vase from Nicobar and wall lights from Jaisons Emporio; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The daughter's bedroom also houses a cutesy table with matching chairs and photo frames from IKEA. In the bathroom are accessories from Oma and a vase from Primo; Photographs by Ravi Kanade
The elegant master bath is done up with a vase, storage box and candle stands from Oma on the Italian marble counter. A pink vase from Simone is placed beside the tub; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

“When this is all over” has got to be our most overused phrase in 2020. Spending almost half the year at home has taught us the art of taking it easy, self-reflection and the importance of being close to home. Among our favourite holiday hotspots now is this whimsical villa crafted by architect Rajesh Patel and styled by Janavi Javeri of Walls and Things.

Enveloped by nature and offering unparalleled views of the Sahayadris, this 5,000 sq ft Lonavala abode is complete with vast spaces, panoramic windows, a terrace and an outdoor pool. While no structural changes were made, Javeri styled the home with a fusion of minimal and alluring aesthetics, making it the perfect getaway.

Indeed, we’re captivated right from the foyer by the striking console, paired with abstract art and accessories, which lend a rustic charm to the space. 

The entrance features a wooden door and elegant pots from Defurn, while the foyer uses a pendant lamp from Jaisons Emporio; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

On the left of the lobby is a large dining room that stuns with its backdrop of landscaped gardens. With a blend of glass and crystal elements, this area is perfect for creating happy memories, sharing hearty meals with family and friends.

A custom console with teak stools is paired with an artwork from The Golden Triangle, vases from Simone, and decorative tusks from Address Home in the foyer; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

Also on this level and opening out to the outdoor lawn and pool deck is the living room with two seating areas. One is semi-formal with soft furnishings and rustic decor in biscuit tones with pops of mustard and gold accents. While the other is cosier, grounded in wooden elements with beige, brown and black hues.

The informal living area uses Italian marble, soft furnishings from Bharat Furnishing, a bespoke teak and glass centre table, vase and candle stands from Fennel, and plants from Mason in Abaca planters. Also seen are a basket from Quilt Avenue, Surprise Home cushions and a throw from Oma; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

“My favourite space is the semi-formal area because it was fun to create a rustic look in a contemporary, minimalist setting. For the amalgamation of two styles in the living room, the play of textures, mix-and-match patterns, and creative ways of incorporating colour,” shares Javeri.

The bespoke teak and marble dining table is surrounded by a carpet and curtains from Bharat Furnishing, pendant lamp from Objects of Interest, tableware from Oma, candle stand from Address Home, creeper vases from Primo and planters from Golden Triangle; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

Fashioned with subtle interiors, the guest bedroom is decorated with travel-inspired art, accessories and coffee table books. An indoor staircase and lift lead to the upper floor, where the light and sunny master suite is styled with beige and gold elements. Abstract art and tall vases complement the hilly views, while the ensuite feature subtle decor.

Sharing space in the formal living space are Surprise Home cushions, a rug from Vanjara Carpets, a bespoke centre table, vase from Defurn and a planter from Abaca; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

The other bedchamber on this upper level reveals an industrial theme in greys and blues that offset vintage artefacts and steamer trunks. We’re also charmed by the daughter’s bedroom—a delicate pink and white hued space with a curated selection of ballet-inspired accessories that pay an ode to her love for the dance. “This is my favourite,” says Patel. “Living in a dream world filled with pinks, mauves and soft furnishings is a beautiful backdrop for a growing child.”

The guest room uses a Surprise Home bedspread, curtains from Bharat Furnishing and outdoor furnishings from Advent International; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

While the home’s basement is bold with artworks and contrasting hues, the terrace is a breath of fresh air for its panoramic views of the mountains. This alfresco space is divided with the help of a four-seater bar, and accommodates formal seating on one side and a casual one with a day bed swing on the other. 

This room features a gold tinted mirror frame from Chandra’s Art Studio, cushions from Surprise Home, vases from Primo and books from The Golden Triangle; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

Shedding light on the work that went on behind the scenes for this holiday home, Patel says, “We approach any space like a blank canvas and touch upon the most important elements of the home—from surfaces to doors to basic furniture and most importantly, art in the home.”

In the son’s bedroom are a bedspread from AA Living, Address Home cushions, 3D wall art and storage books from Silver Oak, an Oma tray, a few pieces from Simone, and horns from Heimars; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

Javeri concludes, “Our design philosophy at Walls and Things is informed by a minimalistic approach that incorporates calm colours and a contemporary yet cosy sensibility to create aesthetic spaces.”

The master bath is subtly planned and decorated with a pink vase from Simone; Photographs by Ravi Kanade

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