This digital floral installation by TeamLab is every bride’s dream come true

AUG 18, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
The electronic forms responded to movements making attractive non-repeating patterns. TeamLab’s computer generated setting Camellia and Butterflies bursts with flowers and papillons as the newly-weds enter the venue.
Whether it’s an intimate ceremony or lavish nuptials, nothing can do justice to the decor better than flowers of any kind. “Ultra-technologists” teamLab from Japan gave a unique spin to this recently. For a wedding at the Chinzanso Hotel, Tokyo, this artist collaborative introduced a fully immersive digital installation called Camellia and Butterflies for Eternity.
As the bride and groom walked inside the venue, an overwhelming display of hundreds of fluttering, graphic butterflies flooded the space. The electronic forms responded to the movements of the happy couple, making non-repeating patterns.
During the ring exchange, the walkway and screens presented blooming florets leaving the guests mystified too. Famed for their works merging science and creativity which bring people together, the designers wanted to generate “…a shared experience of beauty and wonder.” For example, they presented an interactive art wall where when one touches the virtual blossoms, they slowly fade away. Looking at the substantial flower wastage that is common during weddings, this makes for a great eco-conscious alternative….
Take a look at the Camellia and Butterflies for Eternity wedding video here
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