This Brazilian holiday home by Leandro Garcia is a ‘marbleous’ marvel

OCT 6, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The living room features an N armchair by José Zanine Caldas, Jequitibá solid wood coffee table by Pedro Petry, vases by Nicole Toldi and Alva design and Pião Bowl by Ana Penso; Photographs by Fran Parente
The custom marble dining table by Leandro Garcia is paired with “I” chairs by José Zanine Caldas, Jabuticaba ceiling lamps by Ana Neute and an Immigrant table centerpiece by Nicole Tomazi; Photographs by Fran Parente
Vintage Oca table lamp, vintage rosewood side table, Girafa stool by Lina Bo Bardi, Marcelo Ferraz and Marcelo Suzuki, and Toti stool by Bernardo Figueiredo are seen on this end of the living room; Photographs by Fran Parente
View of the bespoke dining setting; Photographs by Fran Parente
The open-plan living and dining zone in the abode features a lengthy kitchen; Photographs by Fran Parente
A pristine palette with textured linens creates a soothing bedroom; Photographs by Fran Parente
The white headboard also serves as a backdrop to vintage nightstands in the master bedroom; Photographs by Fran Parente

Robert Orben once said, “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” And while we’re all dreaming of doing absolutely nothing in these extraordinary times, why not do it in a space that looks marvelous? Leandro Garcia’s design for this vacation home in Praia Mansa de Caiobá, Brazil, is a space that allows moments of celebration, leisure and downtime in the best possible setting.

With a plan where marble reigns supreme, Garcia fashions this abode by valorising local materials and design. The 1,700 sq ft apartment is flushed with touches of gold that dawn from the marble veins, soft hues, wooden elements and a noble Fendi which creates lightness.

“The studio follows a personal language but the solutions are always inspired by the client, who lends an identity to the project,” shares Garcia.

Part of the kitchen is glimpsed behind the open-plan living room. It uses Michelangelo Nuvolato marble countertop; Photographs by Fran Parente

We’re greeted by a bookcase made of freijó wood at the entrance. It breaks the floor plan of the apartment ideally—by adding privacy to the bedrooms. On one of its side is a lounge and on its other side is the open-plan living and dining section. This combined space, complete with a Michelangelo Nuvolato marble-topped kitchen, offers a captivating view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The lengthy kitchen extends to the dining area, where a bespoke marble table by Garcia is paired with olive green chairs; Photographs by Fran Parente

The dining space is furnished with a bespoke marble table designed by Garcia, olive green chairs to go with it and stunning luminaires. Nearby, the powder room also uses the Michelangelo Nuvolato marble for the countertop basin. 

The N armchair by José Zanine Caldas and Jequitibá solid wood coffee table by Pedro Petry are placed in the living room; Photographs by Fran Parente

The pristine palette continues to the master bedroom as well. Here, a white headboard is placed to highlight a pair of vintage nightstands. Meanwhile, the other bedrooms host a Girafa stool that’s paired with a lamp by Lumini.

A Michelangelo Nuvolato marble countertop basin is seen in the powder room; Photographs by Fran Parente

“Our creative process relies on rational and functional solutions that explore the essence of shapes in the conception of the object and/or space. We seek to develop a timeless aesthetic, which translates into the disposal of excess as well as the exploration of primordial spatial matters such as proportion, light and shadow, materials and textures. For all these spheres, it’s the details that are essential to the project design,” concludes Garcia.

Vintage wooden nightstand is placed against the pristine headboard in the master suite; Photographs by Fran Parente

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