Contemporary designs and Indian aesthetics—This Bengaluru home by Treelight Design is a story waiting to unfold

NOV 3, 2022 | By Shriya Goyal and Akshay Bipin Luthiya
The Lounge chair by Giorgetti on grey floor complement the living room; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Showcasing a blend of light, movement and love for Indian contemporary aesthetic, designers of Treelight Design sprinkled Manya Residence with amaze at every turn.

Taking a mixture of everything that speaks culture in this 3685 sq ft Bengaluru residence, principal architect of Treelight Design, Amitha Madan says, “Every home has a story that is personal to the homeowner and our clients entrusted us to bring out this narrative by sharing with us their love for Indian contemporary aesthetic. We tried to imbibe this with our design philosophy and it fit like a glove.”

With hanging lights by Arjun Rathi Design, the living room with a voluminous ceiling has a carpet from Jaipur Rugs and a coffee table from Ventura Design; Photography by Ashish Sahi

The curious brief

It’s the little details that are vital. Depicting the Indian culture with subtlety, elements such as vibrant carpets, fabrics, textures, colours, and materials come together and form a whole ambiance.

Sofa by Giorgetti and art by Studio Smitamoksh sets the aesthetic of the living room; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Elaborating on the same, Amitha describes, “The space is like a book, where every wall is an unfolded page that showcases light, movement and detail. It is a sensory journey for anyone who enters the home. As one’s hand runs across the walls or eyes glance across the ceiling; one sees a unique blend of colour, fabric, metal, glass, wood and stone. Each room is like a chapter where the character is the detail and the book, that is the home, is built around it.”

White hue acentuated with multiple textures form the entrance to the pooja room; Photography by Ashish Sahi
Lord Parshwanath’s deity in the prayer room makes for a serene meditation space; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Tour the home

A small foyer on entrance separates the living room and sparks curiosity with snippets of the house. An intricately woven mix of contemporary style and Indian culture forms the living room. 

Dining table by Nuance studio with chairs from Magari create a warm vibe in the dining room; Photography by Ashish Sahi

A serene sanctity on left, the Pooja room reminisces Indian temples. Connected to the verandah and blurring boundaries between indoors and outdoors is the dining room, that imparts an altogether different ambience with terracotta coloured dining table and rope-ceiling panels. Creating patterns as the light moves across the wall, kitchen and dining area are visually weaved through a ribbed glass window. With plush fabrics and sleek furniture, the guest room is situated on the ground floor. 

The spiral staircase uplifts the space with silhouettes of earthy tones; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Going upstairs to the family room, the forms and colours bring the whole space together. Decked in shades of blue, the overall design of the daughter’s bedroom intertwines Indian aesthetics. The rhythmic patterns demarcate the study and master bedroom. Metallic colours are used in the accessories and details of the furniture to create a very subtle layer of embellishment.

Complimenting the blue palette, the family lounge features a coffee table and couch from Magari with a chair from AKFD; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Ideas to bookmark – a clever material play!

Maintaining the originality of the scene, Treelight Design brings out the space with subtle earthy tones along with vibrant textures and patterns that highlight a contemporary approach to the Indian aesthetic.

Furnishing by Yavanika embellishes the space with Magari wardrobe in the rear; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Uninterrupted play of material and structure enhances the composition of staircase. The depiction of Indian culture through a vibrant carpet with anklet clad foot motif, the 6 Leshyas [state of mind and spiritual glow- Tejo (red), Kapot (brown), Neel (blue), Krishna (black), Shukla (white), Padma(yellow)] create a synergy in the spatial design. 

Bed from Magari and wall lamps from AKFD ornament the bedroom; Photography by Ashish Sahi
The vibrant blue colour bed from Magari sets an innate Indian aesthetic in the daughter’s bedroom; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Adding a touch of drama, the artworks bring a pop of colour whereas the flooring and ceiling details set the spot. The supporting characters may not be the hero, but are important nevertheless. Similar is the case with the floral patterns, jaalis and earthly textures that enhance the quality, craft a happy space and renders a reason to bask in joy everyday.

Classic white marble basin with brass fitting sit proudly in the powder room; Photography by Ashish Sahi

Manya residence is a perfect example of a unique blend of colour, fabric, metal, glass, wood and stone effortlessly put together. Concluding the same, Amitha says, “It was an interesting exercise where the starting point for each space were the elements that we chose and how these elements naturally helped us join the dots together to create the whole ambience. The design is a culmination of smaller objects in every room.”