This backpackers’ hostel in Jaipur is the perfect budget accommodation for travellers

SEP 2, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
“I want to see the world, every nook, every corner, ever turn….but on a budget”…usually the sentiments of most wide-eyed, avid travellers. Not an entirely impossible feat in continents like Europe, with youth hostels and other inexpensive shared accommodations, when it comes to India, most people usually shift uncomfortably thinking – will it be clean? Will it be in a good location? Will I be safe? Is it well maintained? Fortunately for those squeamish backpackers, Moustache Hostel (which immediately makes you picture a Rajasthani man with a long mooch) decided to emerge. Located in Jaipur, planned by Ramesh Khandelwal and designed by Saumya Aymuas, this pretty place will better your trip experience.
The place located at MI Road has nine private rooms and 12 dormitories. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant, a common meeting area and a library. “The property was created to give people an ideal room size with an Indian Mosaic flooring, clean and hygienic bathrooms with ample ventilation,” shares Ramesh. The raison d’être for the design is simple – entering it will not mean exiting Rajasthan. For that, the four walls of the hostel hold as many Rajasthani elements as possible. Almost all furniture was made from scratch with a traditional touch to it; they were made fluid as a hostel culture is all about interaction. Mirror work is done on walls to brighten up dark corridors and Rajasthani puppets are used to indicate the kind of room accommodation – male, female or mixed dorms. A roadside fruit cart doubles up as reception desk and utensils as planters on the roof. “Inspiration lurks in every corner.
Every day spent in Jaipur’s exploration added layers to my concept. This process of organic, iterative designing took six months,” avers Saumya. A ground for people of different cultures to meet, stay and interact, a relaxed environment gives way to happy revelry.
For those who’ve been stuffing their rucksacks and looking for the perfect place to stay have this easy to afford, design destination available. What’s more, Mustache Hostel is also located in Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Agra…so put on your travelling shoes and don’t worry about the rest!
Website:  www.moustachehostel.com
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