This bachelor pad in Kerala gets a glamorous makeover

JAN 28, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) The royal blue velvet sofa and lush greens from the plants bring a sense of freshness in this dark domain ; A beautiful archway leads to the wardrobe and dressing area
(L-R) Plush upholstery and unique planters are featured in the room ; Classy set of light fixtures adorn this decadent bedroom ; Subtle accents of gold such as on the chair plays an important role in the space
The white, minimalistic trend has been every designer’s favourite palette to work with for a while now. But it’s time to banish the banal and dip your brush into an inkier and moody palette, Kerala’s quirky Humming Tree Studio shows us how. Perched amidst the gorgeous coastline of Kannur, Kerala, Founders Mohammed Afnan and Arun Shekar stumbled upon this home belonging to Malabar Coast’s elite personality and decided to transform the bedroom space into a glamorous bachelor pad.
Decorating with dark hues can be pretty daunting, “Ever since we were teenagers we were fascinated and captivated by dark passages. For our client, we wanted to create a striking bedroom décor even with decadent colours. It’s uncommon to see a dark bedroom but we opted for it and made it pleasant,” says Arun.
A few steps into the bedroom and we are already gleaming at the double-height space dressed in rich pigments that allows the beautiful light fixtures and the wonderful vase collection to shine through brilliantly. “A well-designed bedroom can be very relaxing and comfortable if decorated even in black. This one, for example, looks like a surreptitious hideaway. The grey rugs, beddings with fur footbed create some contrast,” he says.
The walls are awash with a mattified Russian Blue Black Flame — a gorgeous blend of navy and black puts the spotlight completely on the décor. Striving for the alchemy of old and new, the designer duo also cast a wide net for fun decor finds – brass accents, royal blue velvet sofa, Mid-Century Danish floor lamp, Art Deco-inspired crystal plates and even a seven-layered crystal chandelier from Kare.
The look is respite with indoor planters which is free-form and organic and adds a clean and sculptural texture to the area. We wouldn’t call it a man cave without fully-equipped technological customisation now, would we? “One can always embrace technology, but don’t have to let it overtake one’s space,” suggests Arun. “We incorporated a clandestine setting – look-alike fireplace with secret panels, which opens to reveal a flat-screen TV’s cords.” We are already drawn to this dramatic space and depth that dark interiors bring, are you?