Kalpak Shah of Studio Course impresses with seamless serenity and sustainable construction

JUN 10, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
An all wooden palette is the key highlight of T House, designed by Kalpak Shah of Studio Course; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
Another view of the family room; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
In the living room, Pierre Jeanneret chairs pairs well with the minimalist design; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
A view of the clean and clutter-free kitchen; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
A folding door opens the kitchen up to the outdoors; Photographs by Fabien Charuau
The master bedroom features a four poster bedroom and pristine linens; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

Amongst a huddle of 15 bungalows designed to a central rhythm with uniform plans, facades, finishes and appearance, the T House steps away from what’s conventional with refreshingly revamped interiors. Set in southern Gujarat, the nearly 5,400 sq ft residence modelled by Kalpak Shah, Principal Architect of Pune based Studio Course, basks in ample natural air and daylight.

With passages and circulation zones forming the core, and living spaces being laid out around them, the resulting T-shaped cross-section gave rise to the moniker of the home.

The entrance; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

Key attention was taken to craft a home that wasn’t just trendy but also long standing, as requested by the client. In an endeavour to contemporarise the midcentury modern architecture into a timeless abode, the team adopted a minimal aesthetic with organic materials that age well. “Simplistic  design with careful selection of sustainable materials and local craftsmanship is pivotal to our philosophy.”

Colours and mediums are inspired from nature, as seen across black granite floors, stucco and marble dust hand painted grey walls and the predominant use of teak wood, brass, fluted glass, rattan and Danish cord wicker work in the furniture. Also fitting the design language are handpicked chairs from labels such as Hans Wegner, George Nakashima and Pierre Jeanneret,” shares Shah.

All all wood dining setup with metallic pendant lamps; Photographs by Fabien Charuau


The kitchen and passageway; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

An outcome of Shah’s amiable relationship with the client who mutually shared his ideology of details determining design, the residence is full of intricate creative elements. A higher skirting provides solidity to the space while bay windows provide a connect to the outdoors and indoor plants bring in nature.

The thought that is blatantly visible in the skeleton of each space displays an underlying cohesiveness across the entire area. Tailor made to reflect the comfort, lifestyle and personalities of those inhabiting it, the abode although finished, leaves room for imagination and further experimentation.

A naturally landscaped walkway with Basalt stone flooring leads to the entrance of this home, which is spread across two levels. Beyond the foyer, a short walk gives way to a living area on the right, which has three open sides. To the left lies the dining and lawn area with a kitchen near the staircase for social gatherings and parties. Also seen on this level is a spare guest bedroom, fitted with an attached bathroom.

One of the bedrooms in the T House; Photographs by Fabien Charuau


The study area; Photographs by Fabien Charuau


The minimalist and monochromatic guest bathroom; Photographs by Fabien Charuau

A beautifully carved wooden staircase leads to the upper level, housing the more exclusive, private corners. Inhabited by a couple and their daughter, an important area to include in the layout and also a space favourite of Shah was the family room. Located in the centre of the upper level and designed with Indian stepped seating, it makes for a great spot to engage in intimate conversation, different media platforms and just lounge. Beyond this space on the right one catches a glimpse of the master bedroom, with a walk in closet and attached bathroom while the extreme left of the floor is where the daughter’s bedroom is present.

A lean stairway leads to the upper level; Photographs by Fabien Charuau


Planters have been added along the enclosed staircase for freshness; Photographs by Fabien Charuau