This 5,000 sq ft Mumbai home by Niyoshi Sanghvi of Akari Studio is a haven of furniture designs made exclusively for the homeowners

APR 15, 2021 | By Kavya Joshi
The cosy living room features a 18ft custom bookcase that holds the homeowner's most treasured possessions; Photographs by Photographix
A 10-seater, black marble dining table with intricate brass inlay is paired with velvet dining chairs; Photographs by Photographix
Binding the living space is a customised rug by Akari Studio in collaboration with The Weaver Collection; Photographs by Photographix
The main bedroom is a textural haven with tonal grey walls, pops of mint green and warm grained wooden flooring; Photographs by Photographix
The guest room emphasises local craftsmanship with a nuanced rustic charm; Photographs by Photographix

This 5,000 sq ft apartment in Mumbai is designed by Niyoshi Sanghvi, founder and creative director of Akari Studio, to seamlessly blend the outdoors and indoors.

A thoughtful, sophisticated, vibrant and meaningful theme is evident in the home. “It was really enjoyable working with the newly married couple, who were clear and definitive about their tastes and likes but happy to explore new ideas and aesthetics,” shares Sanghvi.

Warm colour on the walls and light marble flooring serve as the perfect backdrop for the material palette, which varies from one room to another. The home is layered with mixed metals and uses different types of marble for surfaces, textured wooden flooring and enticing fabrics. 

A unique, bespoke blue puzzle seat by the display unit acts as a reading nook; Photographs by Photographix

Similarly, the colour palette changes from section to section, depending on the function of the room. Rather than bold and monochromatic tints, deep blues and warm tones have been chosen for the living room. The bedrooms are more relaxed with tonal colours and textures.

The 18ft, metal and timber bookcase holds the couple’s memoirs and artefacts; Photographs by Photographix

The foyer captivates with custom-designed artwork that depicts street style on warm walls. The flooring is light marble, which allows the vibrancy of the artwork to be the focal point. 

Custom-designed street style artwork is the focal point in the foyer; Photographs by Photographix

Keeping in mind the homeowner’s social life, the studio has designed a 10-seater, black marble dining table with intricate brass inlay. It is paired with blue velvet chairs, resulting in a dining setting that’s moody, welcoming and, most importantly, comfortable for soirees. 

The smoked teak bar table by Akari Studio stands on a laser-cut brass base; Photographs by Photographix

The cosy living room is planned such that it factors in the curvature of the wraparound window bay. Our favourite is the corner with custom-made blue puzzle seats, which are placed near a 18ft metal and wood shelving unit that holds the couple’s treasured possessions. On the other side of the living room is a cosy seating arrangement with a custom rug by Akari Studio in collaboration with The Weaver Collection. 

White stained premium wood is used for the bed and night stand in the guest room; Photographs by Photographix

The primary bedroom is a textural haven against tonal greys, pops of mint green and warm grained, wooden flooring. The furnishings are sourced from IDAM and the Sadyaska store, while the artwork is carefully chosen to pair with the colour palette of this space. 

Furnishings for the main bedroom are sourced from IDAM and the Sadyaska store; Photographs by Photographix

On the other hand, the guest room emphasises local craftsmanship with a nuanced rustic charm. The bed and side tables are made of white stained premium wood, while the soft furnishings feature monochromatic textural elements.

“We’ve moved away from the thought that all locally sourced or indigenous furniture must fit a modern or traditional aesthetic. In this space, I feel we’ve successfully blended Rajasthani furniture into a contemporary design scheme,” concludes Sanghvi.