These thought provoking artworks are crafted from waste trimmings

AUG 24, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
The literal translation of the Hindi word “Katran” is small pieces of colourful leftover cloth produced in mills. This is exactly what inspired Sahil & Sarthak’s Katran collection. Young Talent winner of EDIDA India 2011, their Katran range boasts of an array of contemporary furniture and lights, and most recently, a limited edition series of hand embroidered artworks.
The creatives’ took their belief of sustainability a notch higher to produce these vibrant hued images in collaboration with Haryanvi women from waste trimmings of chairs. The dominant theme of the pictures revolve around nature and its beauty. For instance, “The Island” sheds light on glacial melting caused by global warming that pose a threat to various islands around the world.
Thought provoking and gorgeous, the line is perfect to accentuate any staid interiors.
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