These hi-tech speakers look like actual paintings

OCT 12, 2017 | By Aditi Gaitonde
Listen to your art - these speakers can be framed
What if technology at home wasn’t in your face? What if it wasn’t just a boring boxy gizmo but a cleverly disguised gadget that filled your room with character? Perhaps, the good people at Hong Kong-based company Digital Oasis asked the same questions right before they envisioned VisualSonic, a sound panel that looks exactly like a painting.
While other companies around the world have dabbled with the concept of marrying sound and decor, these innovators went a few steps further. They collaborated with several independent artists specializing in different styles – from illustration and pop to 3D and abstract – to create a unit that can hang on your wall like an expressive piece of art.
Unlike most other speakers, VisualSonic is merely 25 mm in thickness and about 500 x 500 mm in size, just like a normal canvas. The design makes use of the hollow space behind the board to conceal a cool 2×10 W speaker. This unassuming sound box works on Bluetooth and can play songs for up to six hours straight when fully charged. It’s fitted with a lithium battery that can be charged via microUSB, which means no extra wires.
Interestingly enough, you can ever pair two Visual Sonic devices together and use them as stereo speakers with perfect synchronisation. And since it’s portable, you can move it around the house, even place it alongside your existing art collection.
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