These cherry storefronts will make Christmas shopping more pleasurable

DEC 23, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Although shopping for the perfect Christmas gift can be nightmarish but on the upside it would involve gazing into arguably the most splendid and iconic holiday storefronts. Peek at our selection of cherry window displays from iconic brands from around the world that will make your spree more festive.
1. Gucci
Gucci’s latest window-design concept for the Gift Giving 2016 campaign takes inspiration from the Gucci Garden. The series of Gothic window arches recall once again the distinctive architecture that characterised the Cruise 2017 fashion show venue, while the floral wallpaper provides for romantic and stylised feeling of the Gucci Garden. Giant ants and snakes populate the space and play with the handbags, while roaring lion heads decorate the walls. All these elements combine harmoniously and continue to highlight the aesthetic motifs that define the House today.
2. Prada
Prada’s Christmas 2016 store windows present a precious, intimate view of the 2017 Resort collection in a limited space. Non-decorated platinum-coloured spheres are arranged in a regular pattern to form a backdrop for the window, where the mirrored surfaces evoke a sense of endless space. The Prada collections are articulately displayed on different levels covered in white carpeting, sometimes suspended on thin steel plates that “vanish” within the reflections of light, to generate a relaxed spontaneous atmosphere that conveys a feeling of sophisticated modern luxury.
3. Fendi
On December 1, Fendi lit-up, in Largo Goldoni in Rome, a giant Christmas spiral-ball made of thousands of golden and silver sparkling studs. Swirling at 360 degrees like an endless Strap You, the 16 feet tall installation is entirely made in gold and silver steel with a maxi stud on top, recalling the shimmering Palazzo Fendi Christmas windows. Chengdu in China followed on December 2, with an impressive Christmas tree of 41 feet, made of red, golden and silver shiny Baguette bags, will stand on a brilliant base made of triangular studs, together with a macro tree topper: an Hypnoteyes face with shining eyes and red hair in optical fibre.
4. la Rinascente
This year, la Rinascente’s Christmas window displays are dedicated to Puccini’s opera masterpiece, Madama Butterfly, which will be the opening show of the 2016/2017 Opera Season at Teatro alla Scala. Alvis Hermanis, Director of the opera, personally curated the eight window displays that look out onto Piazza Duomo, drawing inspiration from the scenes that were revealed to the public when the curtain rose on Saint Ambrose day – without, however, offering a literal interpretation – with the aid of the very same Teatro alla Scala’s artisans who work on the theatrical productions. The displays, unveiled on December 6 remain on show for the entire Christmas period, are a part of that tradition of excellence that la Rinascente reinvents every yea. The East of Madame Butterfly comes to life in their window displays, which proudly host sets, costumes and props inspired by the opera.
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