The Woven Wood: Design takes a step-up with the works of wood look-alike finishes by VOX in Namrata Shirodkar’s Hyderabad home

JAN 10, 2024 | By ELLE DECOR India Team
Wood look-alike panels by VOX; Photography courtesy of VOX
Namrata Shirodkar's Hyderabad home is crafted with wooden finish elements by VOX; Photography courtesy of VOX

Wood, a material that fills up every home in one way or the other, persisting an enticing character that provides a path for the creation of marvels. With a similar viewpoint, VOX, based in Bengaluru stands as a revolution in the interior and exterior wood look-alike panel industry. The wooden finish elements envelop the prime areas of the renowned actress Namrata Shirodkar’s Hyderabad home — the daughter’s bedroom, the exteriors and the balcony. “I love to walk barefoot in the house. I really like my floor to feel good on my feet,” Namrata divulges, as she recollects the journey of crafting her abode.

From paper cut-outs to travels across the globe, her home is a collection of memories and inspirations that she has handpicked through the years. From a chalet in Switzerland to upscale hotel rooms in Europe, Namrata’s penchant for wood has always prevailed and VOX imbibes these wooden finish elements in the home.

Namrata Shirodkar in her Hyderabad home; Photograph courtesy of VOX

The hero of the story

With a modern outlook and traditional elements, her home crafted with wooden finish elements in the interior as well as the exteriors becomes the hero (or heroine) of the house! “You know the way they’re fitted and the way they kind of put it together once you choose the particular finish that you want and they have so many of them,” confesses Namrata. An extensive range of colour schemes and the VOX SPC flooring blends durability with efficiency, completing the home.

Namrata Shirodkar’s Hyderabad home featuring wood look-alike panels by VOX; Photography courtesy of VOX

The touch of VOX

While being a treat for the eyes visually, the work that goes behind the making of these wood look-alike panels, instils a home-friendly touch to the space with an attentive and disciplined work ethic. Namrata’s trust in VOX and the striking balance of design and a personal touch to the home, uncovers a different perspective, creating a distinctive design language. She also shares her experience on the same saying, “That is one of the points, of course, but also for me the look and the finish and the feel and you know the whole durability of a product is very important because I like low maintenance things because I’m not someone who keeps changing my looks very often. All that with VOX, you don’t have those issues, to be honest, once you’ve hit it and you fit it and forget it, it’s as simple as that.”

The panels add wood-like details to the space; Photography courtesy of VOX

Cottage core

Amidst the extreme weather conditions of Hyderabad, her home, is a cocoon of warmth in chilly winters and equally breezy in the summers. Namrata further adds, “ You know the team of VOX which has worked on my house has been extremely efficient and very present as well as very attentive and disciplined in their job till they finished. So I think VOX ticks all the boxes, all the right boxes for me.” And when asked about the favourite spot in the home, there was no other answer than the reading room, with characteristics of wooden details that almost feel like a Swiss cottage or as Namrata calls it, The VOX Room.

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