The Very Many transform Charlotte into a nebula with its Pillars of Dreams

AUG 5, 2019 | By Vedika Nair
CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT A view of the facade of the Pillars of Dreams pavilion; A closer look at the pillar and it's intricate design; The blue tone of the bubble forms cell like shapes
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT The inside of the pillar features blue tones to keep the pavilion cool; A look at the interior of the pillar in night light; Photographs by Studio Naaro. A close look at the top of the cloud

Imagine settling in, on a summer afternoon—taking siege under a cluster of soft clouds in the shape of radiant bubbles—a dreamy sight indeed! The plaza of Valerie C. Woodard Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina will now teleport you—into a world of imagination with its brand new pavilion crafted in an enchanting cloud-like formation that almost looks like soft egg drops.

This installation, named Pillars of Dreams is a landmark pavilion and lightweight structure designed by New York design studio The Very Many. The design firm crafted this installation in Charlotte, to help the locals recharge, revel and even daydream. At 26 feet high, the structure appears to float like whimsical balloons on a clear day sky.

The white and blue tints of the structure instil a sense of peace that allows the people to revel in the beauty of the installation. The open volumes may seem like they are filled with air but the installation is held up by a continuous structural skin in ultra-thin aluminium. A coil of eccentric parts unfolds across the surface in two layers, which birth openings over the broader expanses of the awning. An effectual atmosphere is generated in the space by the complex skin of the structure.

A casual stroll along the installation is pure magic with the graphic shadows and projected light. We recommend a restful moment under the canopy! The white colour blankets the saturated blues on the inside. The swathe opens up to cross-laminated stripes in a set of bright tones of blue shades. From a distance, the installation strikes a soft porous tone but the viewer can still take in the vibrant glow of the gradient within.

The vigour of colour grows as one is closer to the pavilion and finally envelops the viewer upon on entry thus rewarding their curiosity about the installation and its intricate details. These open pillars settle into a space of congregating seating, creating a piazza for visitors and employees. The pavilion hosts casual conversations as well as moments of stillness and quiet reflection.

While the breezy structure offers relief from the sun, it also propels light through its pervious surface. The atmosphere within encompasses colour, flecks of light and emits a renewed ethos and the ultra-thin aluminium skin keeps them afloat.