All parts of The Terrace Garden by Atelier X Architects echo a love for travel and outdoors

MAY 26, 2022 | By Sneha Gandhi
The terrace features a mild steel overhang topped with a white pergola. The floor tiles from Simpolo correspond to the quirky patterned cut-tile wall finish; Styling and photographs by Anuja Kambli
The wide living room houses floor tiles from Simpolo, sofa and side tables from Craftsmill, copper-patina teal chair from Zufolo Designs, centre table from Made With Spin, lighting from Hybec and a stylish floor lamp from The White Teak Company; Photographs by Anuja Kambli
The patterned rug from Jaipur Rugs, colourful cushion covers from Fabindia, modish artefacts from Curio Casa and Home Artisan, along with the planters from Elite Earth are reminiscent of beach hues; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

In the green lanes of Indore, stands a home that integrates the warmth of nostalgia with the ecstasy of travel, all against a fluid canvas of white ashwood.

Built on 1,600 sq ft of prime locale, the spacious penthouse is designed by Saumil Nagar, Founder and Principal Architect at Atelier X Architects (AXA).

Underlined with a sense of utility across its layout, the 3BHK apartment is accessed from a central bay. The spaces flow seamlessly from the living room to the dining zone, flanked by the kitchen and an expansive terrace on one side. The bedroom makes up the more private part of the den.

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Atelier X Architects
A wooden bench from Lap And Dado lit by a focus floor lamp from Orange Tree provide a spacious pause point at the threshold of the home; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The entrance vestibule welcomes one with a lively red Madhubani painting placed neatly above a classic wooden bench, which is astutely placed next to the floor-to-ceiling shoe closet.

Atelier X Architects
An aesthetically stunning partition offers a sneak peek into the comfortable sofas and side tables from Craftsmill in the living room; Styling and photographs by Anuja Kambli

“The slim balconies were duly absorbed within the apartment, allowing for functional value additions like an unobstructed seating space in the living room along with a study, dressing area and a nook for a joyful rocking chair in the bedrooms,” explains Saumil.

The space follows a predominantly warm tonality for the floor, wall and furniture. Strong linear geometries optimise use of space and break the monotony of the larger material palette.

Atelier X Architects
Patterned rug from Jaipur Rugs, artefacts from Curio Casa and Home Artisan and cushion covers from Fabindia add pleasant hues to the earthy shades of the sofas from Craftsmill; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The sofas in the living room sport soft hues as they levitate upon the industrial black bracket foots. Strokes of clay and teal, the classic copper-patina chair with a rattan back and the sand-patterned rug animate the living room.

Atelier X Architects
The coffee crème floor tiles from Simpolo, lamp from The White Teak Company, lighting from Hybec, emerald rattan chair from Zufolo Designs and tall plants by Elite Earth create a snug corner for some silent reading; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

A statement gold-and-globes pendant light enriches the terrazzo top dining table. Its stylishly rounded timber legs issue a warm contrast to the light and the tabletop fashioned from similar mineral shades.

Atelier X Architects
The eccentric chandelier from The White Teak Company, designer dining table top from The Classic Marble Company, chairs from Orange Tree and table accents and crockery from Fabindia make for a fine dining experience; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The kitchen proved to be quite a challenge with the numerous offsets between wider structural elements and infill walls. The studio responded by using white ash wood in the L-shaped kitchen across all the storage cabinets accentuating the brightness that this space demands.

The white countertop by Simpolo is built as an intuitive response to make the kitchen appear spacious. The patterned cut-tile backsplash employs a glossy black finish in coordination with the black appliances prompting depth.

Atelier X Architects
Ashwood cabinets coupled with beige floor and black and white wall tiles from Simpolo and table accents from Home Artisan tastefully balance the material palette in the kitchen. The artwork is by Nook At You; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The kitchen features a counter-length window opening altered to receive ample sunlight whilst offering unobstructed views of the sky and plants on the terrace.

“Instead of furthering the light-tone scheme, we took the opportunity of accounting for the effect of the standard black, reflective appliances and decided to play a little with glossy black tiles on the backsplash as well,” divulges Saumil.

The sleek table top from The Classic Marble Company, simple bench from Elite Earth and table accents from Home Artisan harmonise with the tables in the adjoining dining area; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The dining area spills over into the sprawling terrace. Stacked along its periphery, an assortment of plants with their diverse foliage and colours, coupled with the monochromatic walls and floor establish a soothing setup for a delightful Sunday brunch.

Colourful cushion covers and throws from Fabindia add a fun contrast to the grey floor tiles from Simpolo; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

All three bedrooms balance comfort and storage requirements with the inclusion of user specific, day-function areas.

Crafted to the fluid taste and energy of its young inhabitant, the primary bedroom packs the same ash wood and black and white cut-tile pattern as the kitchen. The compact dresser, elegant study and the fluted glass enclosed book cabinet complete the chic look of the room.

Atelier X Architects
The dressing area is illuminated by lighting from Hybeca as well as a slim window behind the tilted mirror. The vase on the dressing table is from Curio Casa; Photographs by Anuja Kambli


The primary bedroom consists of black and white cut-tile flooring from Simpolo, laminates from Bloom, study chair from Urban Ladder, pendant lamp from The White Teak Company and bedspread from Fabindia; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The children’s bedroom is acoustically equipped with a floor-to-ceiling ash teal ribbed panel doubling up as a headboard for the bed. Wooden accents from the furniture enhance the powder coated mild steel fabricated framework, producing linear geometries. The resulting design allows an uncluttered aesthetic to this compact room.

The children’s bedroom is elaborately designed with muted floor tiles from Simpolo, mood lighting from Hybec, striking lamp from The White Teak Company, bedspread from Fabindia and room accents by Home Artisan and Curio Casa; Photographs by Anuja Kambli


The dazzling yellow china mosaic play with the grey tile slabs from Simpolo against the sleek bathroom fitting from Kohler induce a positive atmosphere in the bathroom; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

The guest bedroom emanates a mature mood with timber gradients in the crema faced furniture. The rocking wooden chair and the tall houseplant, reminiscent of coconut trees, merged with beach blue accents across the room paint a sophisticated scene.

The guest bedroom flaunts a roast coffee and latte material palette with floor tiles from Simpolo, laminates from Bloom and bedspread from Fabindia; Photographs by Anuja Kambli


The rocking chair, alphonso yellow and sea-green accents and artefacts from Curio Casa and Home Artisan paired with planters from Elite earth exude a relaxed beach vibe; Photographs by Anuja Kambli

Atelier X Architects consciously reduce material wastage by retaining the structural outfit of majority of the fixed furniture and using leftover ceramics tiles to make vivid wall patterns and table tops. “A truly green practice is to build as little as you can and minimise the construction footprint,” concludes Saumil. 

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