The story of Komorebi— this Ahmedabad home designed by Adhwa Architects is one with nature

JAN 23, 2023 | By Tamanna Doctor
With an intricate hand knit backrest, the master bedroom has Rugs from IKEA and white Indian marble flooring; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
This eye catching monochromatic bathroom with wooden accents has bath fittings from Kohler and sanitaryware from vitra; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
With outdoor furniture from Yellow Brick Route and tiles from Nexion, the sleek living area opens up to an outdoor sitting area; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
With abundance of space, the living room has sofas from Pocho Living; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

The smell of soil after heavy rains is what this home in Ahmedabad feels like! Designed by Ankita Jain and Dhwanil Patel of Adhwa Architects, this newly designed residence is located in the residential area of South Bopal, Ahmedabad.

With 7000 sq ft built up, this three storey house is the epitome of expanse. With a modern Indian aesthetic, the architects have created a voluminous space with generous outdoor connections and open spaces.

Neutral tones and minimalist design is the essence of this living area; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

The curious brief

Art has an undeniable presence in the home, with sculptural pieces to hand painted murals to awe inspiring paintings. A neutral monochromatic theme can be observed throughout the home with statement pieces that highlight the space they are placed in. 

Solid colours against the wooden staircase with a mural in the backdrop create the perfect contrast; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Tour every turn of the home

Entering the home, an aura of green surrounds oneself. With a raised garden, a shallow lilypond greets on arrival. The foyer seamlessly transitions into the informal seating area lit with ample daylight. A stunning statement chandelier can be seen highlighting the space. 

Stylish and comfortable, this living room is an ideal spot for movie nights; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

A formal living area, dining area and an open kitchen are divided through meticulously detailed screens. The formal living area is doused in greys and beiges with wooden accents. With an openable floor-to-ceiling glazing, the room also houses an embroidered and hand painted fabric screen to mirror the foliage present outdoors. The dining area is a dramatic delight, with bold sculptural and playful elements.

Gorgeously lit by lights from AKFD Studio, the staircase is surrounded by murals on the wall; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Adjoining this area are the parents and guest rooms designed with the inhabitants in mind—a serene atmosphere where one can sit and enjoy peacefully. 

Moving up through the house’s focal point, a sleek mild-steel staircase seamlessly connects the family rooms. With dreamy cloud-like lights hanging from the ceiling, the walls around the staircase are covered with a mural with traditional cows and flora around it. The second floor has a total of three bedrooms, with two placed towards east and one in the west. 

This grand home is automated by a home automation system from Future Solutions; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Facing the west is the master bedroom. A movable metal screen envelopes the long balcony. The checks present on the grid of the screen cast shadows creates spellbounding patterns. The name ‘Komorebi’ for the house was inspired by this aspect. ​Several feet long, a breathtaking hand knotted back rest is present behind the bed. The master bathroom is clad in in precious red Travertine stone exhibiting glorious  horizontal grains and striations. 

Wooden screens with warm tones used to separate the home into particular spaces without disrupting its flow; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

The east facing room is an amalgamation of marble and wood. With a raw and tactile feel, the long balcony is paved with stone. With grey and black being the majorly used, the wash area in this room has dark accents. 

Finished in red travertine leather, the bathroom exhibits ​​horizontal grain and striations; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

The other east facing room, the daughter’s bedroom, is tucked in and plush. Keeping the same design language throughout the home, clean wooden accents are present. 

Further upward, the third level is entered through a hidden door that leads to a staircase. It leads to a comfortable lounging area. With multiple tufts, ottomans, loungers and rugs, the place is perfect to unwind in. An extended terrace is equipped with outdoor lounging furniture. 

Ideas to bookmark

The outdoor facade stands tall partially being a ms screen in the colour Kandla brown; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

A fresh new perspective towards screens, the movable metal screen with a chequered pattern was an absolute delight to witness. The purposeful Komorebi effect caused by the grid feels enchanting.

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