The Solitarius in Gurugram crafted by Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates is equal parts cosy and opulent

JAN 26, 2022 | By Twinkle Tolani
Hints of mustard and deep blue team up with the neutral grey tones in the drawing room as it overlooks the golf course; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang
The modern and monochromatic drawing room surprises with a traditional carpet that colligates the silver wall panelling by Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang
The Solitarius models expansive views of the drawing room overlooking the balcony; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar
From the drawing room, dining area and the bar present captivating narratives in blue and yellow; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar
A chandelier by White Teak appears as a dramatic element in the dining area, while the chairs designed by RSDA bring in panache; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang
Mustard upholstered chairs in contrast with the bar unit is an informal setting to entertain guests; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar
The dynamic study room of The Solitarius features furniture designed by RSDA, lighting by Ankur Lights and wall panelling fabric by Floor & Furnishings; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar
The children’s bedroom is engulfed in a playful shade of blue and uses light wood to bring out the lightness in the space; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang
The children’s bathroom is doused in black-white and all tone monochromatic. Deep oak cabinets and mirror frames introduce textural richness; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar

Housing a nuclear family of four, The Solitarius in The Magnolias at DLF Golf Links in the heart of suburban NCR, dives into modernity head first. 

Designed by Rakhee Bedi Kumar and Shobhit Kumar, Founding Principals of Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates (RSDA), this 4,500 sq ft abode presents itself as more than just comfortable and warm, with an active social life factored in the design decisions for the home. 

Following through with the owners’ design affinity for simple, sleek and linear spaces with a touch of luxury, layers of contemporary elements craft expansive spaces that offer, both, ample shared spaces and secluded ones.

Metal screens by Fabrinox peep from one end in sync with wall stonework done by RSDA at the entrance lobby around a rust-coloured chaise lounge; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang

To make most of the manicured golf course view, the spatial planning was revised and reworked. The awe-worthy entrance was designed keeping in mind the influx of guests and social gatherings.  

A rust-coloured chaise lounge in front of two intricate, slim and tall metal jaalis greet the entrant. Once through the generous passage, the drawing-room brimming with textures and tones comes into view. 

Rich in colours and prints, the drawing room poses along with the wall panelling fabric by Floor & Furnishings; Photograph courtesy Studio suryan//dang

Public and private spaces do not mingle in the home. All the bedrooms are concealed behind a buffer of sound-insulated glass to avoid disturbance. Wooden and veneer panelled ceiling intrigues as the space gradually opens up to the living room.

An upholstered chair right next to the powder room comes in hindsight of the metal screens in the passageway; Photographs by Shobhit Kumar

Flair and finesse co-exist in the space with textured wallpaper wall panels paired with metal detailing as the backdrop. High off-white ceilings and just the right population of furniture open up the space, flowing freely into the expansive view of the golf course on one side, and the DLF Horizon Centre with Golf Course Road on the other. The informal seating area sports a bar counter to entertain and enamour guests. 

An interruption-free transition leads to the airy and light-flooded drawing and dining room. Sans tactile boundaries in the space, the only demarcation between the two spaces happens to be the difference in their volumes. 

The mirrors in the dining area reflect light and make the space feel grander; Photographs by Studio suryan//dang

Antique mirror panels adorn the dining room wall, depicting it as infinitely capacious. A glass chandelier, looming over the dining table adds opulence.

“The social spaces, such as the living room, were designed with the most discussions as the couple wrestled with mixed emotions of not going over the top but at the same time creating a space that is lively and artistic. The study was also an exciting space to design with multifunctionality in mind—a working space in the morning and a personal haven to unwind after a long day of work,” reveals Bedi-Kumar. 

The children’s bedroom in The Solitarius is a cheerful space resplendent in patterns, shapes and colours; Photograph courtesy Studio suryan//dang

The study area is located beside the primary bedroom. The space’s versatility also facilitates it to become an accomodating space for a larger count of guests than usual. In sync with the client’s desire to mimic a ‘British library’, dark wood panelling renders the room warm and academic.

Bold black and white shades in the powder room with accents in gold captivate attention. A Sanderson wallpaper of stags employed as the backdrop has become a conversation starter for anyone visiting the home.

The hero of the powder room is the wallpaper from Sanderson punctuated by a vanity and stone works by the design firm; Photograph courtesy Studio suryan//dang

“The key was to imbue a version of grandeur in every space, and thus neutral tones were achieved using taupe and light coffee shades. In addition, some daring accents and backdrops have been achieved with wooden panellings and fabric wallpapered walls with contrasting shades used in furniture. To sum it up, the house is envisioned as a modern luxury haven,” concludes Bedi-Kumar of Rakhee Shobhit Design Associates.

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