The Pavilion by Workshop Inc. stays true to its solemn form with a design language that is humble, vernacular and long lasting

JUN 26, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
A conical planter by Dust Concepts x Artemis Cast stone stands at the entrance; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
A bird's eye view of the office; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
The visitors lounge overlooks a lush patch; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
The transparent facade makes way for interesting light and shadow patterns throughout the day; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani
Mild steel columns provide structural support; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

Set in the architecturally rich landscape of Ahmedabad and laden with iconic modernist structures, the new Pavilion workspace impresses with its raw, minimal aesthetic—creating an ambience that is efficient yet familiar. Keta and Varun Shah, founders of the multidisciplinary practice Workshop Inc, have designed this space to also comprise a lounge for visitors as well as maintenance and security services.

The project is equipped to accommodate heavy use, be durable for a long period and require low maintenance. It is commissioned by two of the most trusted and premium developers in the city, Goyal & Co and HN Safal.

An L-shaped lily pond frames a seating nook at the entrance; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

Workshop Inc’s philosophy revolves around crafting meaningful spaces that are elegant as well as timeless. The studio’s signature style includes adopting a restrained aesthetic and the “less is more” strategy, which can also be seen in this project.

Pure finishes and raw materials are predominant, including exposed concrete, which is cast in-situ, blue terrazzo flooring by Bharat Floorings and Tiles and mild steel columns that provide structural support. Black accents and warm hues of Indian teak contrast against the otherwise grey backdrop.

Miniature animal figurines sit atop a side table; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

A flight of stairs guide you to the main entrance that is spruced with planters by Dust Concepts in collaboration with Artemis Cast Stone. We love the visitor lounge for it is bordered by a small pond filled with lilies. Quaint but exquisite decor including a floor covering by Jaipur Rugs, floor lamp by Josmo, marble sculptures by Koy and visitor chairs by Hatsu characterise this zone.

The concrete facade is punctured by a cuboidal glass opening; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

Since the Shahs had the benefit of being both the architects and the interior designers, and have planned the 1,800 sq ft space in entirety. They carved two concrete masses at the north and south ends to create a central arena. It was, they say, the most challenging to conceptualise but ended becoming the favourite part of the space. This transparent enclosure has been turned into a glass pavilion to act as a perfect frame for dramatic lights that borrow from the sky’s varying tones through the day.

Glass partitions enable an open and airy workspace; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

It is here that two cabins have been demarcated for the sales team as well. Barriers have been kept to a minimum with glass partitions to allow visual connectivity yet appear as an open layout. Here, all the desks are custom made by Workshop Inc.

Indoor furnishings and decor match the overall subdued palette and elegant style; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani

This linear setting also features a series of columns, forming a colonnade that acts as the circulation path. A conference room and storage unit are positioned beyond the lounge in the layout of the office, while a toilet and pantry lie on the opposite end. A verdant block of green occupies the rear of the space, serving as a refreshing and serene backdrop against the sober setting.

Stylish work desks are custom crafted by Workshop Inc; Photographs by Vinay Panjwani