The nature embracing Vin House by Bogdanova Bureau is named for the wine-drinking mood it evokes

JAN 7, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
The double-heighted living room mirrors the openness outside; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
The wood-topped dining table holds vases by Noom; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
A 16m-long pool extends from indoors out to the terrace; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
The end of the pool is given a fixed glass to allow swimmers to admire the scenic view of the surrounding area; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
Other than the terrace board from Woodmart, a sun protection system by Manezh runs along the perimeter; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
Vin House is nestled amid nature in the Ukrainian countryside; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov
The master bedroom is minimally dressed in calming shades of grey and beige; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

Perched atop a hill on the bank of Ukraine’s Southern Bug river, the 6,160 sq ft Vin House by Bogdanova Bureau is a delightful sight to behold. It is nestled amid a pristine landscape and meticulously designed to focus on the surrounding nature.

The structure boasts a horizontal emphasis—the house is transversely divided into two wings, each with its own function. While the eastern zone comprises the living spaces, the western houses leisure areas.

Olga Bogdanova, founder of Bogdanova Bureau, says, “When we first came to the site, we were mesmerised. We wanted to stay there, open a bottle of wine and enjoy how the sun dawns above the river and sets in the forest. That’s how ‘Vin House’ got its moniker.”

Near the floor-to-ceiling windows by Reynaers in the living room is a striking illuminator made of brass tubes encircles the chic fireplace from Focus; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

Raised significantly above the ground, the villa is accessed through a continuous terrace with several entry points. This outdoor space integrates varied spaces of the house and binds them into a cohesive design. Beyond the glazed windows lies the double-heighted living room, which houses a fireplace from Focus and an illuminator made of multiple brass tubes.

Detail of the brass lighting installation and the customised, spiral form of the Focus fireplace that’s inspired by Chinese wind chimes; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

The monochromatic—grey, white and matte black—palette of the living room is seen throughout the house. This includes the modish kitchen by Poliform to the voluminous yet visually light staircase made of nutwood timber and flanked by a wall with porcelain tiles from Prostir20. Upstairs the bedrooms are also furnished minimally. Another aspect that’s constant across the abode is that all the space open out to terraces.

The guest bedroom oozes a cushy, minimal appeal; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

Bogdanova, who worked on this project along with team members Oleg Matuschenko and Irina Buzova, shares, “The approach of a smart house system reflects the homeowner’s personalities.” So, the creatives ensured that floor-to-ceiling windows by Reynaers offer panoramic views of the forest. The first floor corridor is decked with planters to form a green frame and leads to a home office, playroom, guest bedroom and a terrace with an outdoor dining arrangement.

The western wing comprising a contemporary spa; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

The terrace is cleverly compartmentalised with a sunken relaxing zone, a campfire area and poolside furniture. The continuous horizontality of the house is broken by a family oak tree that divides the home into two wings. The western zone of the house consists of recreation spaces such as the pool, sauna, lounge and spa.

A gazebo covered with terrace board from Woodmart and sun protection fins from Manezh overlooks Ukraine’s Southern Bug river; Photographs by Andrey Bezuglov

“The biggest challenge for us was the time constraints. It took 11 months from the pouring of the foundation to handover. It is a huge amount of work to build a cast-in-place concrete frame building with all technical difficulties, furnish it, and prepare it for a full life,” adds Bogdanova.

Among these, the hardest task was the engineering of the 16m-long pool. “The house is located in the continental climate zone, where the temperature difference in a year is 60°C. We managed to design the pool for year-round usage by ensuring the temperature of the water inside and outside remains the same,” she shares.

Our favourite is the cabana that is connected to the terrace by a 15m-long bridge, which is an amazing space for meditation, thinking and relaxing—making Vin House a dreamy place for a sojourn.