The multifaceted Export House designed by Shreya Bagda fulfills a lot more than just a regular office space

SEP 9, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Promoting both physical and emotional well being, the office is decked up with meticulous details featuring local arts and crafts; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Adding an edge to the expansive space, the open plan is a fresh take on traditional commercial spaces; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Metal frame with a combination of clear and fluted glass partitions which segregates each cabin, giving a sense of openness and privacy at the same time; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Each room is dressed in a unique selection of art and is earmarked by distinctive materials; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
While primarily an office, the place also hosts multiple events, workshops, art & furniture displays throughout the year; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
The exquisite material and colour palette exude grandeur while crafting a luxe and comfortable space; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Artistic details and selection of fine materials peppers an opulent charm on the functional rooms; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
A vibrant Pichwai art and intricate floor inlay create a plush, welcoming vibe in the reception; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Intricate touches of wood seeps in a rustic element in the Art Deco inspired spaces; Photographs by Shreyans Jain
Set in a bustling industrial hub of Jaipur, the property is spread across an expansive 2.5 acres; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

The balmy city of Jaipur is the nucleus of Rajasthan’s thriving art and craft industry, cloaked in a riot of frolic and colour. With a terrain dotted with factories, it is a melting pot of modernised trade and enduring heritage. Frequented by overseas furniture buyers, the Export House designed by Shreya Bagda of her namesake practice takes on the challenge of providing a calm working environment away from the chaos of the city.

By definition, a great workplace constitutes a flexible work environment, ample communication and a culture of care. Top it up with an Art Deco theme, quirky wall installations, textural play and voila! The Export House paves the way for an experimental and art-nouveau inclined office interior conducive for versatile working. 

“The idea was to create a fluid space that is not just a regular working space but can also host events, workshops, art and furniture displays,” reveals Bagda. 

Layered arches with full height windows grace the space; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

A corner block of 7,000 sq ft of the land hosts the office with an entertainment area for the buyers and team members of the client. It is further segregated into a covered space for extensive office use and the remaining 2500 sq ft has been beautifully landscaped.

The expansive outdoors have been lined with plenty water bodies, ensuring the space says cool in the scorching Jaipur heat; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

One of the first steps undertaken by Bagda was to weave the space with biophilic elements, developing a connection with nature and adding a sense of verdure. The layered arches with big openings and glass panels designed in the facade allows maximising the views of outside giving a sense of openness. 

The colour palette is a subtle medley of greens and greys paired with splashes of colours enlivening the space; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

At the entrance, the reception and lounge area set the tone of the space. Leading to individual cabins of the directors and accounts, each cabin falls parallel one after the other, opening up in the verandah overlooking the garden. 

Reclaimed wood furniture complements the biophilic design enhancing the charm of the space; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

Aimed at promoting both emotional and physical well being, every inch of this office is imbued with meticulous details. From the exclusive furniture pieces, profound use of bone inlay patterns, brass and leather details, quirky wall arts to the handpicked accessories, every article in the space has been crafted with utmost attention to artistry and opulence.

Grey kota stone lining the floors sports warm pops of Jaisalmer yellow inlay; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

The material palette plays with textures and bold colours to enliven a stark, minimal space which focuses on essentials. Blending the old with the new, the Export House breaks stereotypes by altering the essence of a typical workspace. Using varied forms of art to define interior spaces, each zone engages playfully with elements of scale, light, and material palette. 

Scroll down to see more glimpses of this workplace—

Arches can be spotted around the space, binding the diverse material palette; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Brass details sprinkle opulence on the minimalist design; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Each room is mindfully demarcated using varied aesthetics and colour palettes, giving every space a distinct look and feel; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


A selection of the finest materials and handicrafts earmarks the contemporary office; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Situated parallel to one another, all the cabins also open up in the verandah overlooking the garden area; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


An eccentric pop of blue is highlighted against the seamless Kota floor; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Full length windows and use of arches maximises the visual space and let’s ample light into the space; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Subtle colour blocks characterise the minimal chic walls; Photographs by Shreyans Jain


Enveloped by glass, the rooms have an uninterrupted view of the verandah and access to the capacious outdoors; Photographs by Shreyans Jain

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